Bronze Eagles

Bronze Eagles give $500 to $2,499 annually, and help us soar to new heights in educational achievement. Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.

This list is updated annually, and is current as of June 30, 2017.

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Daytona Beach Alumni

Joseph ('92) and Valerie Adkins

David ('68) and Maxine Archibald

Eric ('82) and Kelly Asplundh

Kelly Baker ('89) and William Pimble ('79)

Daniel ('91, '95) and Elizabeth Barone

Fabio Barros Franco de Campos ('14)

Harold ('73) and Karen Belcher

Calvin ('69) and Mary Betz

Robert ('85, '86) and Catherine Brod

Anthony Brown ('12)

Jon ('92) and Claire Burrows

Owen ('94) and Amy Busch

Thomas ('04) and Dayna Carpenter

Ashley ('08) and David Casavant

Patrick ('84) and Carol Casey

Charles ('89) and Terri Clarke

Linda ('71) and John Colgan

Jan ('70) and Sarah ('89) Collins

Matthew Crisci ('97) and Donna Bembnister

Kevin ('84) and Irma Croteau

Edward ('85) and Jamie Deeds

William Dollaway ('78)

Majd Elias ('93)

Ralph Erb ('81)

Howard ('78) and Sharlene Fox

David Franklin ('85)

Michael ('91) and Tracy Friese

Lee ('91) and Caprice Garvin

Charles ('75) and Elizabeth Graf

Tyler Grinnell ('08)

Richard ('92) and Maricar Haberman

Anthony Hammond ('96)

Steven ('78) and Denise Hampton

Farrah Hassan ('12)

Charles ('86; '11, WW) and Melissa Horning

Geoffrey ('86) and Shanda Hunt

Christine ('82, '89) and Garrett ('87) Ison

Susan Jackson ('07) and Charles Schelble

Candy Jaworski ('80)

Darren Jennings ('13)

Thomas Kachmar ('77)

William ('84, '88) and Renee Kingsley

Kirk Knight ('74)

Natalie Kreeger ('99)

Stan Kuliavas ('04)

Robert ('77) and Oleta Lambert

Peter ('91) and Arica Lee

Robert ('74) and Patricia Lee

Morris ('85) and Judy Little

Mark ('92) and Anna-Lisa Lonier

Gary Marville ('74)

Patrick ('86) and Mary McCarthy

Keith ('87) and Rondi McGovern

Michael McGraw ('06, '09)

William McKinney ('79)

Siddharth Menon ('12)

Philip ('81) and Anne Metz

Kelly Minton ('95)

Trevor ('08) and Rose ('07) Mountcastle

Geoffrey ('87) and Lisa Murray

Louis ('76) and Cindy Nemeth

Christopher ('96, '15) and Theresa Nevins

Trung Nguyen ('10)

Paul ('84) and Beverly Noble

Shawn ('86, '87) and Melody O'Day

Samir ('99) and Deesha Patel

Michael Pusch ('76)

Arnold ('90) and Dawn Quast

Shulonda Rankins ('92)

Ainsley Robson ('04, '11, '12)

Raymond ('84) and Jennifer Rogowski

John ('73) and Uta Rollins

Shelley Rossell ('94)

David Ryan ('91)

John ('79, '80) and LeeAnn Sabel

Jose Santiago ('87)

Richard ('91) and Carmen ('91) Schooley

Stephen ('95; '13, WW) and Alicia Smyth

Gary Spangler ('72)

Romano Sprueil ('94)

Heidi Steinhauer ('94, '03) and Raul Rumbaut ('86, '03)

Joseph Tinsley ('04)

Eric ('02) and Elizabeth Vaden

Ana Vegega ('80)

Ryan ('08, '11) and Caroline ('11) Waller

William ('74) and Bobbi Jo Walsh

Paul ('79) and June White

Glenn White ('80) and Mary Renner

Michael Wiggins ('76)

John Williams ('92) and Tracey Tabor Williams

Jeffrey ('83) and Elizabeth Williams

Michael ('83, '85, '88) and Laurie Williams

Daniel ('80) and Margaret ('97, WW) Woodward

John Wrightington ('79)

Nikki Yogi ('12)

James ('78) and Barbara Young

Baktash ('99) and Eve Zaher

Prescott Alumni

Robert Adams ('01)

Coral Barrett ('08)

Pablo Bartlett ('81)

Debby Bell ('88)

Peg Billson ('84)

Jeffery Bloom ('88)

Kathleen ('82) and Jeffrey ('96, WW) Clark

Michelle ('87, '93) and Graham ('93, WW) Crippin

Libin Daniel ('12)

Jeffrey Dasher ('88)

Erin Gormley ('97; '05, WW)

Larry ('87) and Debra Gregg

Marquita Hain ('82)

Daniel ('82) and Laura Haywood

Ronald ('01) and Vania Heberlein

David ('83) and Kristi ('83) Hess

Chris ('93) and Ann Houin

Paul Huter ('06)

Sean ('88; '94, WW) and Jean Jeralds

Benjamin Kiteley ('04)

Susan Latvala ('91) and Jeffrey Parker

Adan Magana ('15)

Matthew ('01) and Janice ('01) McGraw

Rodney ('89) and Amy Moore

Thomas Myers ('92)

Linda Parker ('16)

Marquita Pfannenstiel ('04)

James Rightmire ('08) and Thuc-Uyen Nguyen

David ('89) and Kendall Roy

Craig ('00) and Sherri Steiner

Jared Testa ('01)

William Thompson ('87) and Sally Blomstrom

Jenna ('06) and Scott Welton

Wilhelm Wieland ('89)

Worldwide Alumni

Calvin Arter ('60, MC)

Lloyd Booth ('95)

David Brown ('89)

Scott ('99) and Catherine Burgess

Jeffrey ('96) and Kathleen ('82, PC) Clark

Terry ('87) and Terri Cox

Graham ('93) and Michelle ('87, '93, PC) Crippin

Kenneth Curry ('87)

William ('84) and Suzanne Cusick

Phillip ('03) and Anne Duffy

Kenneth ('85, '89) and Antoinette Dufour

Katherine ('06, '14) and Mark Friend

William ('82, '84, '87) and Nuala Glennon

Harold Griffith ('08, '11)

Daniel Hammes ('11)

Thomas ('04) and Shirley ('08) Henkel

Larry ('05) and Pamela Jenkins

John ('01, '04) and Mary Kelly

Robert Lewis ('57, MC)

Michael ('01) and Cindy MacConnie

Ira ('05, '06, '13) and Margarita Mason

Katherine Moran ('96, '97)

James ('75) and Jane Morrical

Gary ('63, MC) and Angie Morton

Stuart ('94) and Susan Morton

Freddie ('84, '98) and Marilyn ('98) Nicholas

James ('87) and Donna Parry

James Pigg ('94)

Don ('95, '97) and Kathryn Roberts

Jerry Spruill ('97, '99) and Vikki Lynch

Alan Stolzer ('95) and Julie Stolzer

Robley ('01) and Sue Withrow

Margaret Wiegand ('11)

Margaret ('97) and Daniel ('80, DB) Woodward

Friends, Board Members, Students, Faculty and Staff

Robert Adams ('01, PC)

Nirmal Aggarwal

Susan and Charles Allen

Jare Allocco Allen

Naser Almutairi

Sharon and Kenny Amick

Robert and Ellen Andrews

James Avila

Richard and Gail Bagby

Donald and Jennifer Bailey

John and Carol Ball

Craig Baltimore

Deborah Bandy

Susan and Daniel Barnhart

David and Catherine Barrad

David and Leslie Barrett

Fabio Barros Franco de Campos ('14, DB)

Mary Beck and James Helbling

Michael and Rebecca Becker

Paul and Alexa Beckman

Tim Bergmann

Peg Billson ('84, PC)

Charles and Mary Blaich

Rex and Barbara Blake

Anne Boettcher and Daniel Martin

Robert Boorn

Brent and Erin Bowen

Tim and Mary Brady

Chris and Elaine Breslin

Charles and Deborah Brisbane

Scott ('99, WW) and Catherine Burgess

P. Barry and Audrey Butler

Anne Marie Casey

Arlo Chan

Leeann Chen and Philip Jones

Kathleen and Michael Citro

Charles ('89, DB) and Terri Clarke

David Coffey

Sydney Cohen

Kathryn Collier

Jan ('70, DB) and Sarah ('89, DB) Collins

Michael and Cynthia Coman

James and Beverly Cone

Bruce and Carol Conway

Victor and Betsy Cresenzo

Robert and Patricia Crosby

William ('84, WW) and Suzanne Cusick

Jeffrey and Gail Davis

Melinda Dawson

Ruth and David Dewkett

Archie and Janna Dickey

Robert DiMella

Conrad Doss

Barbara and Earl Dryden

Kenneth ('85, '89, WW) and Antoinette Dufour

Leonard Durrance

James and Julie Eads

Amy Ecclesine

Walter and Joanne Elisha

Paul Ellenberger

Estate of June Wittfoth and Jerome Wittfoth

Steve Farmer

Katie and Douglas Fell

John Feren

James Fiala

Barbara Fidel Adams and James Adams

David and Stephanie Fletcher

Lesa France Kennedy

John and Marie French

Ken and Pat Frenke

Mark and Katherine ('06, '14, WW) Friend

Kevin and Janine Gallacher

Eva Garcia

Jeffrey Gilbert

Tom Gladding

Larry ('87, PC) and Debra Gregg

Rudy Habermann

Kim and Michael Haddow

Daniel Hammes ('11, WW)

Steven ('78, DB) and Denise Hampton

Melanie Hanns

Kevin and Maria Hayworth

Chad Hazen

Richard and Mary Heist

Thomas ('04, WW) and Shirley ('08, WW) Henkel

Kathleen and John Hennessy

Ann and Steven Hessil

Michael Hickey

Cea Hicks

John and Lynda Hodgson

D. Shane and Courtney Hogan

Karen and Jim Holbrook

Jack and Beth Holcomb

Charles ('86, DB; '11, WW) and Melissa Horning

Padraig and Tania Houlahan

Cass and Mary Howell

Charlotte and Victor Irland

Susan Jackson ('07, DB) and Charles Schelble

Adam Janovic

Larry ('05, WW) and Pamela Jenkins

Sean ('88, PC; '94, WW) and Jean Jeralds

Rufus Johnson

Greg and Laura Jones

Nellie Kargar

Linda Kenfield

Michael and Mary Kenny

Raymond and Mary Lou Kenzik

Karla Key

Ronald and Valerie Keys

Jerry and Kilian Kidrick

David and Florence Kleine

Jarrett and Kelly Kwiatek

William and Leslie Lahneman

Anthony and Natalie Laska

John and Eileen Ledgerwood

John and Alice Leishman

Linda and Richard Leon

James and Joyce Libbey

Hong and Shirley Liu

David Lloyd and Susan MacKenzie-Lloyd

Mary Lockwald

Doug Logan

Lowell and Nancy Lohman

John and Janet Long

Jaime Long

Tasos and Garyfallia Lyrintzis

Dan and Sue Macchiarella

Ron and Tracy Madler

Sauro and Susan Manganelli

Reda and Amy Mankbadi

Ronald and Rochelle Mau

Bruce and Linda McConnell

George and Karen McCown

Daniel and Hae McCune

Robert and Marie Mehltretter

Deborah Michaud

Steven and Nancy Miles

Michael and Kathryn Milthorpe

Kelly Minton ('95, DB)

Maj and Freshteh Mirmirani

Katherine Moran ('96, '97, WW)

Ryan and Rachel Mosher

Jill Muckenthaler

Michael Mularkey

William and Trish Muldoon

Lori Mumpower and Janson Jones

Barbara and Marty Munderloh

Di Ann Norkus

John (H '16)* and Anna Olsen

Terry and Barbara Oswalt

Barbara Palmer

Linda Parker ('16, PC)

Chirag and Priti Patel

Kenneth and Kirsten Peck

Donald and Elizabeth Pendry

James Pennella

Bryan and Stacy Perraud

Terry Perrott

Samuel Perry

Barbara and David Perryman

Michael and Linda Piscatella

Lynnette Porter

John and Vicki Post

Alan and Bonnie Pratt

Kimberley Ramos and Mike Miller

Mel and Karen Ray

Bert and Juliana Reames

Joel and Anna Reese

Margaret Rhodes

Steven and Vicky Ridder

Don and Tamara Rinehart

Barbara Roberts

Don ('95, '97, WW) and Kathryn Roberts

S. Harry (HonDoc '72) and Linda Robertson

Wayne and Polly Rod

Marie and Bill Rohlfs

John ('73, DB) and Uta Rollins

Gerald and Elizabeth Rorer

Eva Rubin-Douglass

Clare and Philip Rybczynski

Barry Rybicki

John ('79, '80, DB) and LeeAnn Sabel

Neil and Linda Samuels

Edward and Lisa Schatz

Kathleen Schrok

Randy and Stephanie Schwartzberg

Mark and Laura Sensmeier

Charles Sevastos

Susan Sharp

Sarah Shows

Carol and Christopher Siege

Samuel Siewert

Vincent and Shannon Skurdal

Darrel and Debbie Smith

Guy and MaryJo Smith

Marcia Smith

Alicia and Stephen ('95, DB; '13, WW) Smyth

Charles and Sayumi Spenser

Lynn and Angelika Stauffer

Heidi Steinhauer ('94, '03, DB) and Raul Rumbaut ('86, '03, DB)

Larry (H '15) and Brenda Stephan

Stacy and Christina Stine

Alan ('95, WW) and Julie Stolzer

Tina and Charles Stuart

Rose Sverdrup

Sonja Taylor

William Thompson ('87, PC) and Sally Blomstrom

Janet Tinoco and Robert Pollard

Gene and Toni Tomek

Timothy and Ilene Topolinski

Charles Tufano

Eric ('02, DB) and Elizabeth Vaden

John Valentino

Charles Vuille and Dianne Kowing

Marilyn Wagner (H '07)

Carole Ann Waller

Joseph and Julieann Weber

A. Michael and Kimberly Weigel

Christine Weston

Michael Wiggins ('76, DB)

Deborah Williams and Anthony Lopapa

Michael ('83, '85, '88, DB) and Laurie Williams

Sherri Williams

Norman Wnuk

Margaret Wiegand ('11, WW)

Jeffrey and Shirley Young

Yi Zhao and Xiaohong Wang

Jacob and Patsy Zwick

Corporations and Foundations

A.M. Weigel Construction

ACT Advantage Consulting Team

Action Graphics

Adams, Cameron & Company

All American Track

American Society of Civil Engineers

Americrown Service Corporation

Amneal Pharmaceuticals

AO Precision Manufacturing

Arizona Cap Company

Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

Associated Dermatologists

Aviation Advisors

Aviation Management Consulting

Barrett Propane

Barton Malow Company

Berlin Airlift Veterans Association

Blue Origin


Board of Certified Safety Professionals

Bonefish Grill

BR Support Services

Buffalo Wild Wings

Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines

Carter Electric Company

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chuck Tufano Charitable Gift Fund

Cici's Pizza


David Barrad Editorial/Design

Daytona International Speedway

Daytona Shores Resort & Spa

Daytona State College

DCG Capital Group

The Di Ann Norkus


Don Peppers

Dr. Plumber

EAA Chapter 658

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Student Veterans Organization

Fitchett Foundation of Fort Lauderdale

Florida Health Care Plans

Follett Higher Education Group

Fraternal Order of Eagles



George Baker Aviation


Great Lakes Airlines

Halifax Paving

Hawkeye Brothers Signs and Graphics

Hayworth Public Relations

Hazen Construction

Heurobotics Corporation

Hosseini Family Foundation

ikon.5 Architects

Indigo Dental

Interventional Pain Services

J.D. Weber Construction

Jet Support Services

Johnson Agency

Jon Hall Chevrolet

Legoland Florida

Liberty Kenworth of South Jersey

Lohman Offices

M. Lahart & Company



Malibu Beach Grill

Marina Grande


Minerva Enterprises

Molto Bella Boutique

Nackard Companies


National Space Grant Foundation

New Smyrna Beach Chevrolet

New Smyrna Chrysler Jeep Dodge

NormHill Aviation

Odyssey Travel

Ormond Beach Dermatology

Paramount Business Jets

Parks Dermatology Center

Perrott Brothers Construction

Perryman Family Foundation

Pinnacle Solutions

The Plaza Resort & Spa

Port Orange YMCA


Premier Resorts & Management

Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel & Spa

The Rorer Foundation

S.R. Perrott

Samson Aesthetics

Schwab Charitable

Sign-O-Saurus of Daytona

Southeast Automotive Management

Southwest Airlines

Sunup Rotary Foundation

Sverdrup Engineering Services

Tom Cook Jeweler

Tubac Golf Resort & Spa

Upchurch Watson White & Max

Volusia County Council

Volusia Flagler Family YMCA

Volusia Gold & Diamond

Volusia Manufacturers Association


WFF Facility Services

WVYB - 103.3 The Vibe

Yellowstone Landscape Group