Bronze Eagles

Bronze Eagles give $1,000 or more annually, and help us soar to new heights in educational achievement. Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.

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Daytona Beach Alumni

John Amore (ʼ73)

Jere Anderson (ʼ77)

Kelly Baker (ʼ89) and William Pimble (ʼ79)

Harold (ʼ73) and Karen Belcher

Calvin (ʼ69) and Mary Betz

Andrew (ʼ97, ʼ00) and Melissa Broom¹

Owen (ʼ94) and Amy Busch

Thomas (ʼ04) and Dayna Carpenter

Charles (ʼ89) and Terri Clarke

Mario Costa (ʼ84) and Mary McKeown-Costa (ʼ86)

Matthew Crisci (ʼ97) and Donna Bembnister

Kevin (ʼ84) and Irma Croteau

Anthony DaSilva (ʼ73)

Michael Day (ʼ86)

Anthony (ʼ80) and Jill Diaz

Seth Downs (ʼ92)

Dennis (ʼ73) and Beth Einstein

Philip Elliott (HonDoc ʼ04; ʼ72)

Ralph Erb (ʼ81)

Howard (ʼ78) and Sharlene Fox¹

David Franklin (ʼ85)

Michael (ʼ91) and Tracy Friese

Richard (ʼ92) and Maricar Haberman

Kim Habermann* (ʼ78)

Anthony Hammond (ʼ96)

Steven (ʼ78) and Denise Hampton

Thomas (ʼ74) and Eileen Henion

Gregory (ʼ78) and Laurie Holst

Charles (ʼ86; ʼ11, WW) and Melissa Horning

Chip (ʼ88) and Ann Marie (ʼ92) Hough

Geoffrey (ʼ86) and Shanda Hunt

Susan Jackson (ʼ07) and Charles Schelble

Thomas (ʼ77) and Victoria Kachmar

William (ʼ84, ʼ88) and Renee Kingsley

Thomas Labrecque (ʼ87)

Robert (ʼ77) and Oleta Lambert

Marietta (ʼ01) and Joseph (ʼ01) Landon

Morris (ʼ85) and Judy Little

William (ʼ91) and Stacey Lovett

John (ʼ94) and Sue MacDonald

Joseph (ʼ74) and Cathy Martin

Patrick (ʼ86) and Mary McCarthy¹

Keith (ʼ87) and Rondi McGovern

Michael McGraw (ʼ06, ʼ09)

Siddharth Menon (ʼ12)

Kelly Minton (ʼ95)

Houman (ʼ97) and Deborah Motaharian

Paul (ʼ84) and Beverly Noble

Shawn OʼDay (ʼ86, ʼ87)

Mark OʼNeill (ʼ97)

Christine Otis Ison (ʼ82, ʼ89) and Garrett Ison (ʼ87)

Samir (ʼ99) and Deesha Patel¹

Michael Pusch (ʼ76)

Allen (ʼ75) and Valorie Qualey

Arnold (ʼ90) and Dawn Quast

Shulonda Rankins (ʼ92)

Ainsley Robson (ʼ04, ʼ11, ʼ12)¹

Sean Rogers (ʼ01, ʼ02)

Shelley Rossell (ʼ94)¹

Ryan (ʼ02) and Brooke (ʼ04) Rothrock

John (ʼ79, ʼ80) and LeeAnn Sabel

William Saunders (ʼ10)

Mario (ʼ87) and Beth Scalzo

John (ʼ74) and Gina Sheehan

Ron Sicoli (ʼ96, ʼ97, ʼ98)

Stephen (ʼ95; ʼ13, WW) and Alicia Smyth

Lisa Anderson Spencer (ʼ99; ʼ03, WW) and Jason Spencer

Heidi Steinhauer (ʼ94, ʼ03) and Raul Rumbaut (ʼ86, ʼ03)

Nicole (ʼ87) and Chris Stott

Joseph Tinsley (ʼ04)

Eric (ʼ02) and Elizabeth Vaden

Charles (ʼ88, ʼ96) and Kelly VandenBossche

Ana Vegega (ʼ80)

Bradley Wheeler (ʼ93)

Steven (ʼ77) and Carol Whitlock

David Wilkinson (ʼ73)

John Williams (ʼ92) and Tracey Tabor Williams

Jeffrey (ʼ83) and Elizabeth Williams

Michael (ʼ83, ʼ85, ʼ88) and Laurie Williams

John Wrightington (ʼ79)

James (ʼ78) and Barbara Young

John (ʼ99) and Lori Yuzzolin

Prescott Alumni

Robert Adams (ʼ01)

Pablo Bartlett (ʼ81)

William Beckelman (ʼ03)

Kathleen (ʼ82) and Jeffrey (ʼ96, WW) Clark

Matthew Cooper (ʼ98)

David (ʼ87) and Maureen Crookes

Libin Daniel (ʼ12)

Lawrence DeBold (ʼ95)

Patrick Doyle (ʼ90)

Timothy Eldridge (ʼ00)

Jordan Germyn (ʼ02)

Erin Gormley (ʼ97; ʼ05, WW)

Larry (ʼ87) and Debra Gregg

James Harris (ʼ89)

Ronald (ʼ01) and Vania Heberlein

David (ʼ83) and Kristi (ʼ83) Hess

Cheryl (ʼ92) and James Hodge

Chris (ʼ93) and Ann Houin

Sean Julian (ʼ98)

Susan Latvala (ʼ91) and Jeffrey Parker¹

Adan Magana (ʼ15)

John (ʼ96) and Lori Markham

Michael (ʼ87) and Emma Neal

Linda Parker (ʼ16)

Catharine Robinson (ʼ93)

A.J. Smith (ʼ12) 

Craig (ʼ00) and Sherri Steiner¹

Jared Testa (ʼ01)

William Thompson (ʼ87) and Sally Blomstrom

Thomas (ʼ84) and Karin Trask

Worldwide Alumni

Susan (ʼ92) and Franklin Archer

Calvin Arter (ʼ60, MC)

Lloyd Booth (ʼ95)

David Brown (ʼ89)

Scott (ʼ99) and Catherine Burgess

Jeffrey (ʼ96) and Kathleen (ʼ82, PC) Clark

Terry (ʼ87) and Terri Cox

Gary DeKay* (ʼ80) and Karla Key¹

Phillip (ʼ03) and Anne Duffy

Katherine (ʼ06, ʼ14) and Mark Friend

William (ʼ82, ʼ84, ʼ87) and Nuala Glennon

Frederick Hammerschlag (ʼ89)

Daniel Hammes (ʼ11)

Stayce Harris (ʼ87)

Gordon (ʼ85) and Jennifer Hay

Thomas Henkel (ʼ04)

Larry (ʼ05) and Pamela Jenkins

John Kelly (ʼ01, ʼ04)

John (ʼ07) and Alice Kirk

Robert Lewis (ʼ57, MC)

Michael (ʼ01) and Cindy MacConnie

Sid (ʼ61, MC) and Sandra Mann

Katherine Moran (ʼ96, ʼ97)

Gary (ʼ63, MC) and Angie Morton

Jason Newcomer (ʼ02, ʼ04, ʼ08)

James (ʼ87) and Donna Parry

Don (ʼ95, ʼ97) and Kathryn Roberts

Peter (ʼ90, ʼ09) and Heather Schlichting

Roland (ʼ95) and Desta Shaw

Jerry Spruill (ʼ97, ʼ99) and Vikki Lynch¹

Alan (ʼ95) and Julie Stolzer

David* (ʼ45, BFTS) and Diana Smith*

Margaret Wiegand (ʼ11)

Kenneth (ʼ02) and Sarita Witcher

Jay Woo (ʼ12)

Friends, Board Members, Students, Faculty and Staff

Hazim Abudaowd

Robert Adams (ʼ01, PC)

Joie Alexander

Susan and Charles Allen

Sharon and Kenny Amick

John Amore (ʼ73, DB)

Susan (ʼ92, WW) and Franklin Archer

Mercy Awori

Richard and Gail Bagby

Deborah Bandy

Susan and Daniel Barnhart

David and Catherine Barrad

Thomas Bechtol

Mary Beck and James Helbling

Michael and Rebecca Becker

Robert Bittner

Charles and Mary Blaich

Rex and Barbara Blake

Anne Boettcher and Daniel Martin

John and Maureen Bonner

Tim and Mary Brady

J. Hyatt and Cynthia Brown

Scott (ʼ99, WW) and Catherine Burgess

Richard Campbell

James and Denise Carley

Michelle Carter-Scott and Edgar Scott

Anne Marie Casey

Arlo Chan

Cynthia Charlton

Kathleen and Michael Citro

Charles (ʼ89, DB) and Terri Clarke

Charles and Barbara Coleman

Robert and Bobbi Coleman

Fred Cone

James and Beverly Cone

Bruce and Carol Conway

Victor and Betsy Cresenzo

Jeffrey and Gail Davis

Melinda Dawson

Archie and Janna Dickey

Robert DiMella

Eric Doten and Lynne Hunt Doten

Sergey and Irina Drakunov

Barbara and Earl Dryden

Amy Ecclesine

Beth and Dennis (ʼ73, DB) Einstein

Timothy Eldridge (ʼ00, PC)

Lance Erickson

Katie and Douglas Fell

James Fiala

Barbara Fidel Adams and James Adams

Richard Fisher

David Fletcher

Tonia Fortner

Mark and Katherine (ʼ06, ʼ14, WW) Friend

Harold Goodemote

Jim Gorman

Lori and Rodd Gould

Larry (ʼ87, PC) and Debra Gregg

Kim and Mike Haddow

Gary Hager

Daniel Hammes (ʼ11, WW)

Steven (ʼ78, DB) and Denise Hampton

Melanie Hanns

Brenda and Mark Haven

Kevin and Maria Hayworth

Richard and Mary Heist

Thomas Henkel (ʼ04, WW)

Michael Hickey

John and Lynda Hodgson

Philip and JoAnne Holahan

Karen and Jim Holbrook

Charles (ʼ86, DB; ʼ11, WW) and Melissa Horning

Randall and Karen Howard

Cass and Mary Howell

Bill Hunter

Susan (ʼ07, DB) Jackson and Charles Schelble

John and Judith Jenkins

Larry (ʼ05, WW) and Pamela Jenkins

Grant Jensen

Laurie Joaquim

Catherine Johnson

John and Maurie Johnson

Nellie Kargar

Cheryl Keemar

Michael and Mary Kenny

Ronald and Valerie Keys

Jerry and Kilian Kidrick

Jesse King and Tanya Wise King

Thomas Kline and Kristin McCabe-Kline

Stephen and Nancy Knight

Christopher and Tracy Lambert

James and Shirley Lane

Blaine and Brian Lansberry

John and Eileen Ledgerwood

Jim and Marion Lee

John and Alice Leishman

Steven Levitt

Charles and Anne Lichtigman

Hong and Shirley Liu

Mary Lockwald

John and Janet Long

Jaime Long

Maria and Andrei Ludu

Dan and Sue Macchiarella

Ron and Tracy Madler

John and Anne Maloney

Reda and Amy Mankbadi

Bernard and Lynn Mapes

John (ʼ96, PC) and Lori Markham

Frank and Cynthia Marriott

Joseph (ʼ74, DB) and Cathy Martin

Paul and Christine Marton

Ronald and Rochelle Mau

William and Stephanie Mayfield

Gregory Mays

George and Karen McCown

Daniel and Hae McCune

Robert and Marie Mehltretter

Rodney Meryweather

Jane Micklesen

Meghen Miller

Michael and Kathryn Milthorpe

Kelly Minton (ʼ95, DB)

Maj and Freshteh Mirmirani

Katherine Moran (ʼ96, ʼ97, WW)

Jill Muckenthaler  

William and Trish Muldoon

William Multhauf

Barbara and Marty Munderloh

Parker and Donna Mynchenberg

Billie Nelson

Jason Newcomer (ʼ02, ʼ04, ʼ08, WW)

Johnnie and Barbara Newsome

Lee Noe

John and Kathy Olivero

John Olsen (H ’16, PC)

Terry and Barbara Oswalt

Barbara and Herbert Palmer

John and Marie Parker

Linda Parker (ʼ16, PC)

Jeffrey and Penny Parks

Kenneth and Lauren Parsons

Kenneth and Kirsten Peck

Bryan and Stacy Perraud

Samuel Perry

Barbara and David Perryman

Michael and Linda Piscatella

Todd and Paula Poitras

John Post

Roger Powell

Alan and Bonnie Pratt

Deborah Lee Prescott

Shannon Queen

Greg Raskin

Mel and Karen Ray

Gil Reyes

Simon and Gillian Reynolds

Margaret Rhodes

Franklin and Manous Richey

Don (ʼ95, ʼ97, WW) and Kathryn Roberts

Sean Rogers (ʼ01, ʼ02, DB)

Gerald and Elizabeth Rorer

W. David Rummel

Clare and Philip Rybczynski

Barry Rybicki

John (ʼ79, ʼ80, DB) and LeeAnn Sabel

Amanda Sabin

Neil and Linda Samuels

Peter (ʼ90, ʼ09, WW) and Heather Schlichting

Dwight and Sheryl Selby

Charles Sevastos

Ann and Christopher Shriver

Christopher and Carol Siege

Deanna Sikes

Abel Smith (ʼ12, PC)

Darrel and Debbie Smith

Guy and MaryJo Smith

Alicia and Stephen (ʼ95, DB; ʼ13, WW) Smyth

Lisa (ʼ99, DB; ʼ03, WW) Anderson Spencer and Jason Spencer

Lynn and Angelika Stauffer

Heidi (ʼ94, ʼ03, DB) Steinhauer and Raul (ʼ86, ʼ03, DB) Rumbaut

Larry and Brenda Stephan

Alan (ʼ95, WW) and Julie Stolzer

Nicole (ʼ87, DB) and Chris Stott

Rose Sverdrup

Joseph Tamburini

Thomas Tatum and Shannon Fitzpatrick-Tatum

Sonja Taylor

Dent and Leslie Thompson

William (ʼ87, PC) Thompson and Sally Blomstrom

Janet Tinoco and Robert Pollard

Kathleen Tomlinson

Timothy and Ilene Topolinski

Kathy and Joseph Tosh

Chuks Umoete and Jennifer Grace-Umoete

Eric (ʼ02, DB) and Elizabeth Vaden

Jennifer Van Wormer

Rebecca and Paul Vasquez

Marilyn Wagner (H ’07, PC)

Michael and Susan Walsh

Joseph and Julie Weber

A. Michael and Kimberly Weigel

Michael (ʼ83, ʼ85, ʼ88, DB) and Laurie Williams

Timothy Wilson

Kenneth (ʼ02, WW) and Sarita Witcher

Norman and Joan Wnuk

Margaret Wiegand (ʼ11, WW)

Jeffrey and Shirley Young

Baktash (ʼ99, DB) and Eve Zaher

Jacob and Patsy Zwick

Corporations and Foundations

1st Source Bank

A.M. Weigel Construction

Associated Dermatologists

Bechtol Engineering & Testing

Berlin Airlift Veterans Association


BR Support Services

Bright House Networks

Campaign Sports

Carter Electric Company

Chick-fil-A of Port Orange

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Cobb & Cole

Coleman Goodemote Construction Company

Combined Federal Campaign

Condon & Forsyth

Copper State Fire Protection

Courtyard by Marriott

David Barrad Editorial/Design

Daytona Shores Resort & Spa

Daytona State College

DCG Capital Group

Debra Eby Photography Company


Einstein Insurance

Electronic Data

Empire Office

ENSCO Avionics

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 658

Florida Independent College Fund

Foley & Lardner

Fusco Family Fund

Gateway Bank of Florida

Grind Gastropub & Kona Tiki Bar

Halifax Health

Hosseini Family Foundation

ikon.5 Architects

Interventional Pain Services

Intervest Construction

J.D. Weber Construction

JSM Design

Kalin Home Furnishings

Kargar Construction

King’s Roofing

Kreindler & Kreindler


Lohman Enterprises

M. Lahart & Company

MG Luxury Rentals

The Miami Foundation

Milthorpe Sports

Moet Hennessy USA

Molto Bella Boutique


National Center for Women & Information

Odyssey Travel


Paramount Business Jets

Parker Mynchenberg & Associates

Parks Dermatology Center

Perryman Family Foundation

Phoenix Air Group

Pinnacle Solutions

Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club


Raskins Jewelers

Red Talon Charters

Residence Inn Daytona Beach Oceanfront

RK Solution Enterprises

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

The Rorer Foundation

Silver Wings Fraternity

Southwest Airlines

Stonewood Grill & Tavern

Sunset World Vacations

Sunup Rotary Foundation

Surface Interpretations

Sverdrup Engineering Services

Tietjen Technologies

Tom Cook Jeweler

Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation

Upchurch Watson White & Max


Volusia Flagler Family YMCA


WFF Facility Services

Women’s Ambassador Program at Embry-Riddle

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Yavapai Amateur Radio Club