Daytona Beach Campus Alumni

Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.

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Platinum Eagles

Annual gifts of $10,000 or more.

C. Jeffrey (’80) and Katherine Knittel

Richard (’86) and Denise Nisbett

Elizabeth (’94) and Steven (’90) Nordlund

Vincent Parrinello (’78)

Zane (’91) and Allyson Rowe

Gold Eagles

Annual gifts of $5,000 or more.

Damon (ʼ94) and Debra DʼAgostino

William Hampton (ʼ98, ʼ00)¹

Geoffrey (ʼ87) and Lisa Murray

Benjamin Rider (ʼ02)

Heather (ʼ04) and Michael (ʼ04) Samp

Silver Eagles

Annual gifts of $2,500 or more.

Mori (HonDoc ʼ13; ʼ78, ʼ79, ʼ82) and Forough (ʼ85) Hosseini

Laura Koch (ʼ85; ʼ89, WW)

Brad Mason (ʼ08)

Jose Santiago (ʼ87)

James (ʼ79, ʼ83) and Regina Sterioff

Raymond Stratton (ʼ78)

Linda Titus (ʼ79)

Baktash (ʼ99) and Eve Zaher

Bronze Eagles

Annual gifts of $1,000 or more.

John Amore (ʼ73)

Jere Anderson (ʼ77)

Kelly Baker (ʼ89) and William Pimble (ʼ79)

Harold (ʼ73) and Karen Belcher

Calvin (ʼ69) and Mary Betz

Andrew (ʼ97, ʼ00) and Melissa Broom¹

Owen (ʼ94) and Amy Busch

Thomas (ʼ04) and Dayna Carpenter

Charles (ʼ89) and Terri Clarke

Mario Costa (ʼ84) and Mary McKeown-Costa (ʼ86)

Matthew Crisci (ʼ97) and Donna Bembnister

Kevin (ʼ84) and Irma Croteau

Anthony DaSilva (ʼ73)

Michael Day (ʼ86)

Anthony (ʼ80) and Jill Diaz

Seth Downs (ʼ92)

Dennis (ʼ73) and Beth Einstein

Philip Elliott (HonDoc ʼ04; ʼ72)

Ralph Erb (ʼ81)

Howard (ʼ78) and Sharlene Fox¹

David Franklin (ʼ85)

Michael (ʼ91) and Tracy Friese

Richard (ʼ92) and Maricar Haberman

Kim Habermann* (ʼ78)

Anthony Hammond (ʼ96)

Steven (ʼ78) and Denise Hampton

Thomas (ʼ74) and Eileen Henion

Gregory (ʼ78) and Laurie Holst

Charles (ʼ86; ʼ11, WW) and Melissa Horning

Chip (ʼ88) and Ann Marie (ʼ92) Hough

Geoffrey (ʼ86) and Shanda Hunt

Susan Jackson (ʼ07) and Charles Schelble

Thomas (ʼ77) and Victoria Kachmar

William (ʼ84, ʼ88) and Renee Kingsley

Thomas Labrecque (ʼ87)

Robert (ʼ77) and Oleta Lambert

Marietta (ʼ01) and Joseph (ʼ01) Landon

Morris (ʼ85) and Judy Little

William (ʼ91) and Stacey Lovett

John (ʼ94) and Sue MacDonald

Joseph (ʼ74) and Cathy Martin

Patrick (ʼ86) and Mary McCarthy¹

Keith (ʼ87) and Rondi McGovern

Michael McGraw (ʼ06, ʼ09)

Siddharth Menon (ʼ12)

Kelly Minton (ʼ95)

Houman (ʼ97) and Deborah Motaharian

Paul (ʼ84) and Beverly Noble

Shawn OʼDay (ʼ86, ʼ87)

Mark OʼNeill (ʼ97)

Christine Otis Ison (ʼ82, ʼ89) and Garrett Ison (ʼ87)

Samir (ʼ99) and Deesha Patel¹

Michael Pusch (ʼ76)

Allen (ʼ75) and Valorie Qualey

Arnold (ʼ90) and Dawn Quast

Shulonda Rankins (ʼ92)

Ainsley Robson (ʼ04, ʼ11, ʼ12)¹

Sean Rogers (ʼ01, ʼ02)

Shelley Rossell (ʼ94)¹

Ryan (ʼ02) and Brooke (ʼ04) Rothrock

John (ʼ79, ʼ80) and LeeAnn Sabel

William Saunders (ʼ10)

Mario (ʼ87) and Beth Scalzo

John (ʼ74) and Gina Sheehan

Ron Sicoli (ʼ96, ʼ97, ʼ98)

Stephen (ʼ95; ʼ13, WW) and Alicia Smyth

Lisa Anderson Spencer (ʼ99; ʼ03, WW) and Jason Spencer

Heidi Steinhauer (ʼ94, ʼ03) and Raul Rumbaut (ʼ86, ʼ03)

Nicole (ʼ87) and Chris Stott

Joseph Tinsley (ʼ04)

Eric (ʼ02) and Elizabeth Vaden

Charles (ʼ88, ʼ96) and Kelly VandenBossche

Ana Vegega (ʼ80)

Bradley Wheeler (ʼ93)

Steven (ʼ77) and Carol Whitlock

David Wilkinson (ʼ73)

John Williams (ʼ92) and Tracey Tabor Williams

Jeffrey (ʼ83) and Elizabeth Williams

Michael (ʼ83, ʼ85, ʼ88) and Laurie Williams

John Wrightington (ʼ79)

James (ʼ78) and Barbara Young

John (ʼ99) and Lori Yuzzolin


Annual gifts of $499 or more.

Jose Abed Pagola (ʼ15)

William (ʼ81) and Nancy Adams

Joseph (ʼ92) and Valerie Adkins

Dominick Albanese (ʼ15, ʼ16)

John Albury (ʼ82)

Pablo Alvarez (ʼ08, ʼ12)

Kelley Alwood (ʼ04)

Gary (ʼ71) and Anne Anderson

Travis (ʼ95) and Misty Anderson

Joseph (ʼ73) and Jeanette Andrews

Timothy (ʼ83) and Lori Antolovic

Claude (ʼ92, ʼ03) and Anna Archambault

Ryan Atkinson (ʼ11)

Kelly (ʼ04) and Allison Austin

Bruce Balensiefer (ʼ78)

Keith (ʼ14) and Lisa Ball

John Banta (ʼ96)

Christian Barbieri (ʼ94, ʼ99)

Christopher Barcheski (ʼ15)

Oksana Bardygula (ʼ87) and Miguel Diez-Munoz

Fabio Barros Franco de Campos (ʼ14)

John Bartos (ʼ99)

Timothy Bartos (ʼ04)

Marianne (ʼ07) and James Baskin

Thomas Batteux (ʼ12)

David (ʼ87) and Annetta Beauregard

Brian Becker (ʼ82)

Vincent Bell (ʼ11)

Philip (ʼ05) and Erin Bellomy

Theodore (ʼ82, ʼ89) and Muriel Beneigh

Miles Bengtson (ʼ16)

Robert (ʼ90) and Becky Bentley

Joshua Berlin (ʼ01) and Elizabeth Reilly-Berlin

Ellen (ʼ94, ʼ01) and Herschel (ʼ90) Berris

Larry Biddle (ʼ89)

Joseph Blaha (ʼ09) and Christina McIntosh

Leah Blaine (ʼ09)

Paula (ʼ04) and Daniel (ʼ04, ʼ15) Blake

Evan Blass (ʼ08, ʼ15)

Richard (ʼ85) and Lisa Bodenski

Angelo Bonavita (ʼ02)

John (ʼ77) and Deborah Bookas

Bruce (ʼ68) and Carol Bower

Bradley (ʼ97) and Julie Brandt

Kimberly Brantley (ʼ03)

Leonard (ʼ97, ʼ99) and Mary Brazis

Felix Brito (ʼ12)

Terra Brock (ʼ02; ʼ14, WW)

Mary Brown (ʼ16)

Caroline Brozovich (ʼ11)

Jamal Burch (ʼ12)

Deborah (ʼ93, ʼ96, ʼ16) and Dean Burke

Lauren Burmester (ʼ04, ʼ11)

Jon (ʼ92) and Claire Burrows

Roger (ʼ83) and Barbara Butenhoff

Kim (ʼ75) and Sheryl Butler

Donald (ʼ79) and Anita Byrne

Justin (ʼ13) and Katherine Caccavale

Timothy (ʼ84) and Linda Calhoun

Gary (ʼ69) and Barbara Callendar

Danielle (ʼ99) and Max Calnin

Ethan Camp (ʼ16)

Brian Carhide (ʼ96, ʼ12)

Marie-Jose Caro (ʼ84)

Anthony Carpeneti (ʼ16)

Edward (ʼ74) and Barbara Carroll

Ryan Carson (ʼ99)

Christopher (ʼ13) and Tori Carta

Brian Case (ʼ06)

Christopher Cassano (ʼ06, ʼ09)

Carlos Castro (ʼ02, ʼ14)

David (ʼ07) and Ashley Champaign

Sandeep Chava (ʼ16)

Chad (ʼ99) and Dawn Chiarenza

Nathan (ʼ08) and Shannon Clapper

Edward Clark (ʼ79, ʼ80)

Jodi Clark (ʼ11)

Kristian Claus (ʼ08)

Barry (ʼ79, ʼ80) and Julie Cohen

Jan (ʼ70) and Sarah (ʼ89) Collins

Thomas (ʼ85) and Susan Conard

Grant Conley (ʼ16)

Amanda Conti (ʼ04)

Harry (ʼ72) and Donna Coots

Nicholas (ʼ77) and Barbara Cornwell

David Craig (ʼ99)

Amanda (ʼ08, ʼ10) and Brett Cramer

James (ʼ83) and Christine Crater

Charlie Crews (ʼ09, ʼ10, ʼ15)

Luigina Crivello (ʼ15)

Michael Crowley (ʼ09)

Christine Culver (ʼ15)

Adam Cunningham (ʼ04)

Charles Cunningham (ʼ09; ʼ14, WW)

Cheryl (ʼ96) and James Cunningham

Tamilla Curtis (ʼ01)

William Dailey (ʼ80) and Tamara Durham-Dailey

Daniel (ʼ04) and Naomi DʼAntonio

Meachelle Darley (ʼ99)

Kevin Dascher (ʼ93, ʼ98)

Trinidad (ʼ06) and James Davidson

Charlton (ʼ82) and Cheryll Davis

Evan (ʼ81) and Theresa Davis

Keith (ʼ05, ʼ12, ʼ16) and Kristin Deaton

Tyler (ʼ09) and Rachel (ʼ08) DeBord

Michael Deeb (ʼ13)

Edward (ʼ85) and Jamie Deeds

James (ʼ71) and Janet DeMarr

Rushi Desai (ʼ15)

Robert Devadason (ʼ94)

Daniel (ʼ83) and Diane Di Sebastian

Joseph (ʼ85) and Lisa Diana

Gary (ʼ82) and Lorraine Dickinson

Sidney (ʼ72) and Connie Dines

James Dingell (ʼ13, ʼ15)

Diane (ʼ14) and John Dowhy

Gary (ʼ77) and Michele Drska

Kevin (ʼ01) and Jessica Duda

Shanon (ʼ69) and Sue Dunlap

Daniel Duquette (ʼ12, ʼ13)

Deric (ʼ90) and Tamara Dymerski

Bailey Eaton (ʼ15)

Claudia Ehringer Lucas (ʼ09, ʼ11) and Jeremy Lucas (ʼ09, ʼ10)

Robert Eichinger (ʼ13)

Justin Ellixson (ʼ12)

Robert Engel (ʼ11)

Susan (ʼ10) and Peter Erdman

Patrick Eromosele (ʼ01)

David Esser (ʼ81, ʼ84, ʼ87, ʼ89)

Robert (ʼ94) and Heather Ewing

Thomas (ʼ94) and Jennifer (ʼ94) Fagley

Matthew Falkler (ʼ11)

Jesse Fenner (ʼ15)

Robert (ʼ02) and Nancy Ferguson

Jeffrey (ʼ97) and Stacy Ferner

James Ferretti (ʼ81)

Gerardo Filippone (ʼ78)

Adolph (ʼ74) and Linda Finder

Ronald (ʼ75) and Karen Fisher

James Ford (ʼ03)

Kurt Ford (ʼ04)

Thomas Forrest (ʼ99)

Timothy Fortes (ʼ80)

Jordan Foster (ʼ16)

William Foulk (ʼ85)

Elizabeth Francis (ʼ02, ʼ04)

Marianne Francois (ʼ98)

Brian (ʼ83) and Kristin Franz

Michael Freudeman (ʼ15)

Bradley (ʼ82) and Judy Fritzges

Brian Frost (ʼ93)

Katrina (ʼ08) and Joseph (ʼ14, WW) Gagner

Angel Garcia (ʼ16)

Annamarie Garcia (ʼ03; ʼ14, WW)

Jesse Garcia (ʼ98)

Keith (ʼ83) and Linda Garfield

Matthew Gaskins (ʼ03)

Michael (ʼ93) and Bonnie Gehman

Charles Geiger (ʼ80)

Mitchell (ʼ09) and Victoria Geraci

Donna (ʼ03, ʼ08) and James Giambra

Ryan (ʼ95) and Tammy Giampietro

Rene (ʼ84) and James Gibson

Justin (ʼ11) and Courtney Glazener

Tim Glover (ʼ80)

Zachary Goff (ʼ15)

Michael (ʼ96) and Valarie Gomm

Robert (ʼ05) and Amy Goodreau

Michael (ʼ96) and Penny Gowen

Robert Grant (ʼ11)

Brittoney Green (ʼ15)

Glenn Greiner (ʼ81, ʼ90) and Paulita Kundid

Snorri (ʼ91, ʼ94) and Linda Gudmundsson

Thomas Guido (ʼ14)

Santo (ʼ78; ʼ09, WW) and Carolina Gullo

C. Richard Hale (ʼ84)

Adriana (ʼ12) and Anthony Hall

Jason Hall (ʼ15)

Tara Halt (ʼ15)

Douglas Hancock (ʼ85, ʼ01, ʼ05)

Adeline Hanerus (ʼ15)

Jeffrey (ʼ80) and Christina Hardy

Donald Harper (ʼ02)

Diane (ʼ14) and Carl Harrington

Matthew Hartgen (ʼ85)

Hampton (ʼ83) and Lois Hartley

Antony (ʼ02) and Amy Haworth

Rowena (ʼ15) and Anthony (ʼ15, WW) Hemingway

Mark Hemink (ʼ77)

Jens Hennig (ʼ00, ʼ02)

Richard (ʼ75) and Linda Henry

James (ʼ77) and Agnes Herman

Eduardo Hernandez (ʼ05)

Richard (ʼ92) and Teresa Hernandez

Bradley (ʼ95) and Tanya Heydt

John (ʼ85) and Valerie Hill

Gabrielle Hoekstra (ʼ14)

Dianne Holt (ʼ06, ʼ10)

Christopher (ʼ99) and Amy Holtzman

Andrea (ʼ15) and Scott Hooper

Wayne (ʼ71) and Patricia Hooper

Hugh (ʼ76) and Belinda Hopewell

David (ʼ09, ʼ15) and Kristen (ʼ16) Hopfe

Jeffrey (ʼ85) and Janice Huffstickler

John (ʼ98) and Carrie (ʼ10, ʼ14, WW) Hughbanks

Donald (ʼ87) and Susan Hunt

Robert (ʼ75) and Marilyn Hunter

Bryan (ʼ92) and Pin Yao Hunter

James Hunter (ʼ75)

James (ʼ93; ʼ10, WW) and Brooke Huntoon

Christopher Hutto (ʼ14)

Gregory (ʼ11) and Kristin Igel

David (ʼ88, ʼ90) and Dominika Indyke

Kathy (ʼ89) and Jeffrey Jacobs

Cassandra Jameson (ʼ11, ʼ13)

James (ʼ79) and Beverly Javurek

Candy Jaworski (ʼ80)

Barbette (ʼ99) and Jay Jensen

Allyson Johnson (ʼ97)

Christopher Johnson (ʼ03)

Gary Kaplan (ʼ13)

A. Thomas Kappel (ʼ73)

Robert Keane (ʼ16)

James (ʼ82) and Mayra Keelan

David Keith (ʼ77)

John Kennedy (ʼ88)

Dawn Keppler (ʼ95; ʼ09, WW)

Curtis (ʼ01) and Penny (ʼ01) Kienast

Alexander Kilimnik (ʼ09) and Rebecca Rule

Daewon Kim (ʼ04, ʼ06) and Sunyoung Baek

Paul King (ʼ09)

Stephen (ʼ82) and Barbara Kisken

Raymond (ʼ84; ʼ07, WW) and Cindi Knispel

Ailer (ʼ00) and Konrad (ʼ96, ʼ99) Kochan

Peter Konicek (ʼ02)

Brendan Kortz (ʼ16)

David (ʼ74) and Sara Kostek

Natalia Kozyura (ʼ04)

Anthony Kralich (ʼ77)

Ian Kramer (ʼ15)

Richard Kulik (ʼ03)

Nicholas LaBella (ʼ11)

Robert (ʼ74, ʼ80) and Linda Ladd

Michael (ʼ90) and Jennifer Ladeau

James (ʼ66, ʼ67) and Virginia Ladesic

Richard (ʼ84) and Suzanne (ʼ92, WW) Lang

Steven (ʼ89) and Mindy Lange

Gary (ʼ74) and Gayle LaPorte

Paul (ʼ73, ʼ83) and Maureen Larish

Christian (ʼ86) and Constance Larsen

Marc (ʼ95) and Colleen Latta

Stefanie Lauber (ʼ13) and Jacob Eldred

Darisa Laurens (ʼ15)

Steven (ʼ92, ʼ95, ʼ97) and Kellie Lehr

Patricia Lenz-Anderson (ʼ02, ʼ13) and Richard Anderson

Bryah Lewis (ʼ16)

David Lincoln (ʼ89)

Kevin Lindheim (ʼ14)

Russell Lisk (ʼ69)

Raymond (ʼ70) and Deborah Loehner

John (ʼ81; ʼ84, WW) and Judith Longshore

Mark (ʼ92) and Anna-Lisa Lonier

Maria Lopez (ʼ12)

Jeffrey Lowe (ʼ99)

Kyle Ludwick (ʼ14)

Wayman (ʼ97) and Martha Luy

George (ʼ89) and Sandra Lyman

Kevin Mac Donnell (ʼ81; ʼ11, WW)

David (ʼ90) and Leah MacNellis

Paul Mahon (ʼ06)

Joseph Maida (ʼ90)

Olena Manakina (ʼ15)

Jorge (ʼ00; ʼ06, WW) and Lisa Manresa

Lawson Mansfield (ʼ77)

David Marino (ʼ99)

Andrew Marsh (ʼ16)

Kyle (ʼ01) and Lisa Mas

Lauren Massey (ʼ14)

Mitchel Matheson (ʼ93)

Sarah Matiko (ʼ09)

Dawn Mc Gowan (ʼ04; ʼ15, WW)

David (ʼ69) and Kathleen McClaine

Elizabeth McCubbin (ʼ09)

Johnathan McFarland (ʼ15)

Liam (ʼ07, ʼ13) and Bjorg McIlhatton

Gerald McKenney (ʼ15)

Nathaniel McLoughlin (ʼ13)

Roger (ʼ79) and Cindy McNamara

Colin Meagher (ʼ12)

Jaime Mercado (ʼ94)

Jill (ʼ02) and John Meridith

Juan Mesa Leon (ʼ15) and Aimee Mesa

Shelby Meyers (ʼ16)

Thomas Meyers (ʼ91)

David Miller (ʼ90)

Don (ʼ79) and Melinda Miller

Mark Millimet (ʼ15)

John Mitchell (ʼ74)

Kavan Modi (ʼ01)

Peter Modys (ʼ79)

Alexander Moerchel (ʼ04, ʼ06)

Benjamin Moll (ʼ16)

Carl (ʼ90) and Vonda Moon

Ajsa Moone (ʼ16)

Nancy Moran (ʼ02; ʼ06, WW)

Kyle Morgan (ʼ16)

Chantal Mortezaee (ʼ10)

Trevor (ʼ08) and Rose (ʼ07) Mountcastle

Bruce Mowery (ʼ71)

Dane Mutschler (ʼ09)

George (ʼ86, ʼ04) and Jan (ʼ07) Neal

Sean Neal (ʼ87)

Louis (ʼ76) and Cindy Nemeth

Hugh Nesti (ʼ08)

Robert* (ʼ68) and Marilyn Neubert

Christopher (ʼ96, ʼ15) and Theresa Nevins

Daniel Newell (ʼ15)

Eric (ʼ83) and Brenda Nicolai

Michael Nisip (ʼ16)

Clifford (ʼ13) and Beverly Noble

Roger (ʼ82) and Carol Noble

Andrew (ʼ87) and Nancy Norman

Christopher (ʼ05) and Justine Noth

Stuart (ʼ06; ʼ13, WW) and Sarah Ochs

Dennis (ʼ86) and Judith OʼConnell

Edmund (ʼ04, ʼ10) and Eunice (ʼ05, ʼ10) Odartey-Williams

Michael (ʼ92, ʼ00) and Emma OʼDonnell

Walter (ʼ88) and Teresa (ʼ88) Oleszewski

Takashi Osako (ʼ01, ʼ04)

Richard (ʼ97, ʼ99) and Suzanne (ʼ00) Outten

Terry (ʼ72) and Connie Owens

Robert (ʼ88, ʼ90) and Stephanie Pacheco

Matthew (ʼ99, ʼ13) and Megan Paddock

Robert (ʼ97) and Sherry Padgett

Allen (ʼ69) and Susan Palmer

William (ʼ79) and Maryava Palmer

Robert Papandrea (ʼ00)

Anthony Paris (ʼ85)

Kathryn (ʼ95) and Kenneth Parsons

Brian Passarelli (ʼ11)

Manglesh Patel (ʼ02)

Robert Paulus (ʼ81)

Thomas (ʼ75; ʼ12, WW) and Kathleen McDonald

Zachary Pebley (ʼ15)

Joyce (ʼ81) and Michael (ʼ86) Pepin

John Pesce (ʼ96, ʼ03)

Jeffrey (ʼ69) and Linda Peterson

Grant Petronsky (ʼ02)

Andrew Phillips (ʼ01, ʼ02)

John (ʼ90, ʼ92) and Ann Phillips

Robert Phillips (ʼ83)

Giavanna Piccirilli (ʼ15)

John (ʼ01) and Michelle (ʼ01) Picklesimer

Derek (ʼ09) and Michelle (ʼ10, WW; ʼ12) Pizzo

Victor (ʼ85) and Josie Pizzolato

Michael Plapp (ʼ80)

Donald Pointer (ʼ90) and Luann Spalla-Pointer

Curtis (ʼ72) and Mutsuko Poree

Michael (ʼ09) and Melody Potash

Michael Poulin (ʼ03)

Joshua Powell (ʼ99)

Austin Quinn (ʼ11)

Cameron Radford (ʼ10)

Ahmad (ʼ83, ʼ85) and Katayoun Rahmani

Jonathan Rauch (ʼ13)

Phillip Reamy (ʼ10, ʼ13)

William (ʼ72) and Eugenia Rehrmann

Phillip Reinfeldt (ʼ85)

Jack (ʼ87, ʼ98) and Charmaine Repass

William Reynolds (ʼ91)

Jeffrey Rich (ʼ82)

Brian Richardson (ʼ82)

James (ʼ90) and Elizabeth Riner

David Roach (ʼ13)

John Robbins (ʼ08)

Christopher (ʼ01) and Beth Roberts

Geoffrey (ʼ83) and Marla Roberts

Raymond (ʼ84) and Jennifer Rogowski

John (ʼ73) and Uta Rollins

David (ʼ90) and Melanie Romeo

Jonathan (ʼ99) and Frances Rorer

Kimberly (ʼ92, ʼ93) and Dean (ʼ95, PC) Rosenlof

Tyrone Ross (ʼ07)

Andrew Rowland (ʼ09)

Eric (ʼ03) and Ossie Roycroft

Suzanne (ʼ82) and Robert (ʼ83) Russel

Michael Saggese (ʼ91)

Nicole Saldias (ʼ16)

Xavier Samuels (ʼ96)

Omar (ʼ99) and Stacy Santos

Paula Saravia (ʼ13)

Manjula Sathyanarayan (ʼ96, ʼ11) and Sathya Gangadharan

Maxine (ʼ83) and Arnold Scheer

John (ʼ70) and Carole Schierle

David Schleyer (ʼ87)

Norman (ʼ86) and Lynda Schneider

Richard (ʼ91) and Carmen (ʼ91) Schooley

Benjamin Schreib (ʼ07)

William (ʼ84) and Lori Schrock

Lynsey Schroeder (ʼ15)

Andrew (ʼ90) and Darlene Schwartzman

Norea Scoff (ʼ04, ʼ06)

Banjaree (ʼ13) and Robert Score

James (ʼ12) and Sofia Scott

Lisa Scott-Kollar (ʼ97, ʼ09) and Matthew Kollar (ʼ99; ʼ07, WW)

Richard Seefeldt (ʼ04)

Arrash Shekari (ʼ16)

James (ʼ12, ʼ16) and Jess Sherman

Roland (ʼ72) and Patricia Sicotte

Philip Siess (ʼ07)

Christopher Silvano (ʼ16)

Scott (ʼ84, ʼ94) and Joyce Simpson

Preetpal Singh (ʼ16) and Prab Sharan

James (ʼ78) and Linda Singletary

Stephanie Sipila (ʼ97)

Olivia Sisk (ʼ12, ʼ14)

Cynthia Skolfield (ʼ91)

Alison Smalling (ʼ96, ʼ98)

Graham Smith (ʼ01)

R.K. (ʼ83) and Bethanie Smithley

Roger Sonnenfeld (ʼ86)

Cara Sorrell (ʼ15)

David Spaller (ʼ90; ʼ91, PC)

Patrick Spanfelner (ʼ11)

Steven Spiller (ʼ06)

Raymond (ʼ75) and Wendy Springsteen

Sean Stefanak (ʼ10)

Jack (ʼ84) and Cynthia Stein

James Stepnoski (ʼ84)

Jonathan (ʼ81) and Joy Stern

Bryan Stevens (ʼ04)

Darrell (ʼ09) and Hilary (ʼ08, ʼ11) Stevens

Gregory Stock (ʼ01)

Ronald (ʼ93, ʼ11) and Shari Strauss

William (ʼ83) and Robin Stricklin

Virgil Stringfield (ʼ70)

Laurelin Strom (ʼ16)

James (ʼ80, ʼ88) and Vicky Swaerkosz

Jorge Swanson (ʼ16)

Robert Sween (ʼ72)

Thomas (ʼ77) and Nancy Tacker

Matthew Tang (ʼ16)

Raymond Tanguay (ʼ93)

Ashley Tanner (ʼ08)

Cary (ʼ91) and Robin Taylor

Stephanie Taylor (ʼ08)

Brent Terwilliger (ʼ00; ʼ05, WW)

Marshall (ʼ93, ʼ99, ʼ11) and Valerie Tetterton

Allen Thieman (ʼ07)

Jason Thomas (ʼ98, ʼ99, ʼ02) and Maryann Valerio Thomas

Dianne (ʼ81) and Raymond Thompson

Richard (ʼ66; ʼ82, WW) and Peggy Thompson

Gopichand Thotakura (ʼ15)

Richard Thurz (ʼ67)

Waldemar Tiedemann (ʼ77)

Uriah Tobey (ʼ05)

Gary (ʼ81) and Julie Towers

Steven (ʼ76) and DʼAnne Trupkin

Chukwueloka Umeh (ʼ00)

Joseph Vallee (ʼ71)

Anthony Valley (ʼ16)

Robert Van Stronder (ʼ01)

Philip (ʼ85, ʼ96) and Christina Vaneau

Holly Vath (ʼ84)

Kimberly Venema (ʼ11, ʼ15)

Kathleen (ʼ15) and Mark Vidovic

Aleta Vinas (ʼ84, ʼ85)

Arthur (ʼ83) and Mona Viveros

Peter (ʼ69) and Linda Vosbury

Gregory (ʼ82) and Kathy Wakeling

Todd (ʼ94, ʼ97) and Anna Waller

William (ʼ74) and Bobbi Jo Walsh

Stephen (ʼ73) and Patricia Ward

Pierce Warren (ʼ15)

Thomas (ʼ86) and Patricia Waterman

James Weaver (ʼ71)

Zachary (ʼ14, ʼ15) and Jacqueline Wehr

Devon Weinman (ʼ12)

Robert (ʼ74) and Patricia Weiser

Nicholas Weiss (ʼ09)

Erik* (ʼ75) and Margaret West

Alvin (ʼ76) and Sharon Westerland

Walter (ʼ68; ʼ05, ʼ13, WW) and Donna Whitacre

Samuel (ʼ84) and Jayne White

Glenn White (ʼ80) and Mary Renner

Timothy (ʼ84) and Marla Wieck

Michael Wiggins (ʼ76)

Charles Williams (ʼ02; ʼ10, WW)

Karen (ʼ00, ʼ04, ʼ09) and Joe Williams

Wilbur Willmeroth (ʼ05)

Kevin Wisneski (ʼ97, ʼ98)

Joseph Wisniewski (ʼ05)

Piotr Wolkaniec (ʼ15)

Clarkson (ʼ70) and Becky Wormer

David (ʼ83, ʼ85) and Tsusako Worrells

Catherine (ʼ07) and Christopher Wrobel

Andrew Wyka (ʼ12)

Maryellen Wynn (ʼ90)

Dan (ʼ81) and Geralyn Yeamans

Eric Yoskowitz (ʼ88, ʼ90)

Keith (ʼ93) and Deanna (ʼ91) Zacherl

Raul (ʼ84, ʼ86) and Valerie Zambrano

Megan Zeller (ʼ08)

Donald (ʼ87, ʼ00) and Katherine Zwick