Friends, Board Members, Students, Faculty and Staff

This list is updated annually, and is current as of June 30, 2017.

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Platinum Eagles

Annual gifts of $10,000 or more.

John Amore (’73)

Gary and Stacey Becker

Douglas Book

Robert and Amy Book

J. Hyatt and Cynthia Brown

J. and Nancy Brown

P. Barry and Audrey Butler

Marshall Carter

Joseph D'Amico

DeRhoads Dolan

Charles and Beth Duva

Estate of Maurice F. and Dorothy D. Taylor

Lawrence Finegold

Gregory and Christina Fisher

Bradley and Leigh Anne Giles

Les and Susan Hardie

Bruce and Mary Harvey

Albert Helfrick

Jim (HonDoc ’13) and Carole Henderson

John and Lynda Hodgson

Mori (HonDoc ’13; '78, '79, '82) and Forough ('85) Hosseini

Ronald and Laura James

Gordon and Donna Jiroux

Stephen and Irena Kahne

C. Jeffrey (’80) and Katherine Knittel

Jim and Marion Lee

John ('81, '84) and Judith Longshore

John and Marcy MacBain

Anne Massey

Barbara Nash

James Nash

Ray and Patty Newton

David and Karen O'Maley

Sandeep Patel

Kathryn and Tom Prijatel

James and Sherry Raisbeck

David (H '18) and Andrea Robertson

Zane (’91) and Allyson Rowe

Richard and Mary Samuels

Michael Schiffman

Martin Schlecht

William and Jane Schoknecht

Steven (HonDoc ’06) and Nancy Sliwa

Foster and Coco Stanback

Steven and Christine Udvar-Hazy

David and Martha Webb

Gold Eagles

Annual gifts of $5,000 or more.

Jay (HonDoc ’08) and Leila Adams

Jare Allocco Allen

Tibor Benke

Steven and Brenda Bobinsky

Anne Boettcher and Daniel Martin

Kaye and Anthony Garruto

David and Nancy Gonnion

Michael and Wendy Graham

William and Anne Grams

Deborah Hodgson-Lyons

Dava Hoffman

Mark ('84) LaPole

Renato Martini

Sharon McSwain

Patrick and P. Jewel Nackard

Karl Neiders

Michael and Nancy O'Hara

Shannon Queen

Alan Ratliff

S. Harry (HonDoc ’72) and Linda Robertson

Christine and Louis (H ’07) Seno

Scott and Cindy Shappell

David and Antoinette Slick

Nicole (’87) and Chris Stott

James Thompson

Greg Waidmann

Silver Eagles

Annual gifts of $2,500 or more.

Robert Bittner

Anthony Brown and Michelle Pack-Brown

Charles and Barbara Coleman

Robert and Bobbi Coleman

Robert and Jennifer Crouch

Rodney and Anita Cruise

Teresa Delafosse

Harold Goodemote

Tracy and Dennis ('82, '85) Hicks

Thomas and Julie Hilburn

Bill and Mary Hunter

Jesse King and Tanya Wise King

Maude McCarthy

Isabel McKay and Rick Thompson

Patricia Nicolai-Arntzen

Paul Petrosky

Katie ('00) Pribyl

Charles and Jeri Reinholtz

Charles and Margaret Schneible

Jamie Shinnick

Thomas and Doris Sieland

Jon ('81) and Tracy Slangerup

Regina and James ('79, '83) Sterioff

Richard and Annette Symons

Neal and Susan Tessmann

John and Lynne Thelan

Curtis and Karen Turner

Timothy Wilson

Bronze Eagles

Annual gifts of $1,000 or more.

Robert Adams ('01)

Susan and Charles Allen

Sharon and Kenny Amick

Marc Archambault and Amy McGough

Susan Archer ('92)

Kris and Dee Atwood

Michael Barger

Mary Beck and James Helbling

Michael and Rebecca Becker

Marc Bernier

Robert and Darcy Bingham

David and Aime Bischoff

Robert Bittner

Cynthia and Kevin Bixler

Brent and Erin Bowen

Dave Bridenbaugh

Anne Broderick Botteri

Jeff Brok

Scott ('99) and Catherine Burgess

Keith and Kelly Carlson

Michelle Carter-Scott and Edgar Scott

Anne Marie Casey

Barbara Castronovo

Kathleen and Michael Citro

Charles ('89) and Terri Clarke

Sydney Cohen

Charles and Barbara Coleman

Robert and Bobbi Coleman

Jan ('70) and Sarah ('89) Collins

Michael and Cynthia Coman

Fred Cone

James and Beverly Cone

Bruce and Carol Conway

Rachel Crawford

Victor and Betsy Cresenzo

Robert and Patricia Crosby

James and Cheryl ('96) Cunningham

William ('84) and Suzanne Cusick

Alan Davina

Jeff and Gail Davis

Melinda Dawson

Ruth and David Dewkett

Robert DiMella

Barbara and Earl Dryden

Kenneth ('85, '89) and Antoinette Dufour

Todd Dupre

Paul Ellenberger

Crystal and John Ellis

Estate of June Wittfoth and Jerome Wittfoth

Steven and Linda Evans

Carlos and Carolyn Fernandez

James Fiala

Barbara Fidel Adams and James Adams

David and Stephanie Fletcher

Tonia Fortner (H '18)

Lesa France Kennedy

Mark and Katherine ('06, '14) Friend

Tammy Garry

Michael Goelze

Claudia Gonzalez

Harold Goodemote

Heidi Ann Heaton Gou

Monica Goudis

Larry ('87) and Debra Gregg

Sharon Guindon

David and Teresa Hall

Daniel Hammes ('11)

Steven ('78) and Denise Hampton

Vincent Hanley

Melanie Hanns

Alan and Iulia Hauser

Kevin and Maria Hayworth

Chad Hazen

Gregory Hearl

Michael and Ricki Helfer

Thomas ('04) and Shirley ('08) Henkel

Michael Hickey

Cea Hicks

Daniel and Irma Hill

Ross Hinkle

George Hoffman

Benno Hoffmann

David Hogan

Charles ('86, '11) and Melissa Horning

Randall and Karen Howard

Mary and Cass Howell

Jackson and Beverley Humphrey

Susan ('07) Jackson and Charles Schelble

Isabel Jasinowski

Larry ('05) and Pamela Jenkins

Sean ('88, '94) and Jean Jeralds

Mark and Suzanne Johnson

Jodi ('16) and Jamie Joss

Nellie Kargar

Christopher Kelly

Michael and Mary Kenny

Karla Key

Ronald and Valerie Keys

Jerry and Kilian Kidrick

Jesse C. King and Tanya Wise King

Jordan ('13, '16) and Benjamin ('13) Kline

Steven and Melissa Kuhlman

William and Leslie Lahneman

Theodore and Sherene Lamb

Blaine and Brian Lansberry

Sherry and Jason Larkin

Susan Larson

John and Alice Leishman

Ronald and Lori Lewis

Herbert Lewis

Linda Libby

Hong and Shirley Liu

John and Janet Long

Julian Lopez

Tasos and Garyfallia Lyrintzis

Sue and Dan Macchiarella

Craig MacIntyre

Ron and Tracy Madler

Wayne Magaw

Sandi and Mike Makowski

John and Anne Maloney

Reda and Amy Mankbadi

Cathy Martin

Joseph ('74) Martin and Solange Albuisson Martin

James and Sarah Mather

Ronald and Rochelle Mau

Robert and Mary Ellen Maxson

Myron and Mary McCall

George and Karen McCown

Daniel and Hae McCune

Deborah Michaud

Leticia Miller

Michael and Kathryn Milthorpe

Maj and Freshteh Mirmirani

Katherine Moran ('96, '97)

Robert Morrison

Ryan and Rachel Mosher

Jill Muckenthaler

Bob and Sue Mueller

William and Trish Muldoon

Lori Mumpower and Janson Jones

Barbara and Marty Munderloh

Ruby Myers

Grant Neiss

Jeana and Timothy Nobles

Anthony Nunez

Randall and Jeanne Oakley

Terry and Barbara Oswalt

Barbara Palmer

Michael Panaggio

Chirag and Priti Patel

Kenneth and Kirsten Peck

Bryan and Stacy Perraud

Samuel Perry

Barbara and David Perryman

John ('90, '92) and Ann Phillips

Michael and Linda Piscatella

Lynnette Porter

John and Vicki Post

Allen ('75) and Valorie Qualey

Vedapuri and Jayathi Raghavan

Stanley and Ann Reese

Margaret Rhodes

Steven and Vicky Ridder

Nancy Riedel

Brian and Maureen Riley

Glenn and Connie Ritchey

Don ('95, '97) and Kathryn Roberts

John ('73) and Uta Rollins

Gerald and Elizabeth Rorer

Clare and Philip Rybczynski

David and Martie Sacks

Jeremy Samuels

Louis and Judy Samuels

Neil and Linda Samuels

Annette and Loren Sanders

Adam Sandow

Robert Savage

William and Barbara Sawko

Steven Scates ('94)

Randy and Stephanie Schwartzberg

Charlie Sevastos

Susan Sharp

David and Sandra Shepherd

Nigel and Christine Sherriff

Rachel Silverman

Stephen and Kathleen Sischka

Darrel and Debbie Smith

Alicia and Stephen ('95, '13) Smyth

Barbara Staed

Lynn and Angelika Stauffer

Heidi ('94, '03) Steinhauer and Raul ('86, '03) Rumbaut

Judy Stewart

Alan ('95) Stolzer and Julie Stolzer

Charles and Tina Stuart

Rose Sverdrup

Kimberly Szathmary ('96)

Kenneth and Wendy Taht

Sonja Taylor and Beth Chandler

Neal and Susan Tessmann

William ('87) Thompson and Sally Blomstrom

Courtney Thurston

David and Alexis Ticotin

Janet Tinoco and Robert Pollard

Timothy and Ilene Topolinski

Curtis and Karen Turner

Scott and Linda Turpie

Massimo Tuzzi

Richard and Susan Upchurch

Wayne and Shannan Usiak

Eric ('02) and Elizabeth Vaden

John Watret and Elizabeth Mathews

Jennifer Van Wormer

Todd Vanacore

Eric Vandercook

Marilyn Wagner (H ’07)

Ned and Judith Wallace

A. Michael and Kimberly Weigel

Robert and Eileen West

Michael ('83, '85, '88) and Laurie Williams

Thomas and Melinda Winship

Norman Wnuk

Margaret Wiegand ('11)

Fred and Ramona Yoder

Jeffrey and Shirley Young

M. Decker and Cheryl Youngman

Norbert and Josette Zarb

Kevin Zeeck

Yi Zhao and Xiaohong Wang

Alan Ziffra

Gary and Joanne Zornes

Jennifer Zutter

Jacob and Patsy Zwick


Annual gifts of $499 or more.

Angelia and Kyle Abbott

Ahmed Abdelghany and Noha Hafez

Barbara Abendschein

Michael Ackerman

Kevin and Carla Adams

Samuel and Christina Adams

Susan and Wayne Adams

Jan Addario

Ann ('06) and Frank Ade

Hari and Binash Adhikari

John and Candace Adkison

Negar ('93, '18) Afshar-Pflueger and Jerry Pflueger

Geraldine Aichinger

William and Carol Akers

June Albright

Angela ('15) and Frank Albritton

Joie Alexander

Marwan Al-Haik

AbdulAziz ('99, '02) and Lesley Al-Hajeri

Anas Ali

Kerstin Alicki

Patricia Allen

Akhan Almagambetov

Pablo Alvarez ('08, '12, '16)

Scott and Kelly Ambrose

William and Kristy Amburgey

Alison Ames

George ('82) and Diane Anderson

Kent ('97, '99, '01) and Teresa Anderson

Richard Anderson and Patricia ('02, '13) Lenz-Anderson

Robert Anderson

Shawn Andrews

Charlotte Andrist

Sonia Angarita

John Angermayer and Mary Cordesman

Rose Marie Angiuli

Thomas and Kristin Anthony

Tanner Anthony

J. Barry and Nancy Appelbaum

Jason Applegate

John Archibald

Margaret Arciero

John Arcila Bedoya

Anke and Martin Arnaud

Heather Arnold

Kenneth and Gail Artin

Cesar Artze

Nathan Ashinhurst

Mitchell and Tina Aten

Cecelia Atlass

Magdy and Linda Attia

Angela and Jacob Atwell

Richard and Kristina Augustus

Valerie Jo Aulabaugh

Marcia Aulenback

Lindy Austin

Hilda Aviles

Daniel Ayd

Lisa Aytes

Farshid Azadian

Melanie and Jesse Azam

Mario Azancot

Nel Azancot

Lucille ('97, '03) and Robert Babcock

Radu and Mihaela Babiceanu

Thomas Baccus

Nikki and David Baez

Richard and Gail Bagby

Dana and G. Laurence Baggett

Donald and Jennifer Bailey

Caryn Baker

William Baker

Michael ('16) Bakula and Tracy Lunquist

Lynn Balaban

Mark Balas

Kirk Baldin

Christina Bales

John and Carol Ball

Neus Baltasar Perez

Alex Banayan

Deborah Bandy

Jazmin Banks

Karen Banks

Donna Barbie

Christian Barbieri ('94, '99)

Nicole Barilla

Aroh Barjatya and Frederique Drullion

Gregory and Lynn Barker

Leslie Barlow

Kayla Barnett

Susan and Daniel Barnhart

Kim and Frank Barnick

David and Catherine Barrad

David and Melissa Barrera

Julie Barrow

Fady Barsoum

Susan and Brian Barton

Marianne ('07) and James Baskin

Keith and Sandra Batcheller

Andy Bauer

Emily Bauer

Charles ('06) and Donna Baumann

Maria Bavierea

Susan and Ed Baxter

Massoud and Sohelia Bazargan

Ronald Bazil

Heather Beaman

Sharon Beasley

Dustin Beech

Farahzad and Sourour Behi

William and Nancy Beier

Paul Bell

Ronald and Adrienne Bell

Jessica Bellinger

Jeremiah Belyeu ('15)

Denise Bench

Shauna Benham

Leonard and Jennifer Benigno

Janet Bennett

Robert and Carolyn Benson

Bridget Bergens

Gary Berggren

Daniel and Sheila Berry

Marti and Rich Biel

Robert and Marie Bieniek

Lawrence and Patricia Bilardi

Mark and Sherri Billings

Debra Bird

Kristin Bischoff

Rodney and Mary Bischoff

Mary ('11) and Chris ('02, '14, '15) Bittle

Harold and Linda Black

Elizabeth Blackburn

Paula ('04) and Daniel ('04, '15) Blake

Rex and Barbara Blake

Daniel Blank

Charles and Debbie Blankenship

Evan ('08, '15) and John ('04) Blass

Elizabeth Blickensderfer

William Blizzard and Alexis Savoy-Blizzard

Linda Bloom

Richard and Nancy Bloom

David and Mary Beth Blumhardt

Sara ('05) and Jeremy ('06) Bofferding

Bruce and Marinette Bogert

Samantha and Matthew Bohon

Michael and Cathy Bolen

John and Maureen Bonner

Timothy and Victoria Boolos

Jessica Borgen

Ellen Borger

John and Sandy Borowiecki

Terry Bosma

Ion and Hannah Boswell

Tammy and Francis Bott

Geuorgui Bourov and Stanimira Bourova

Deborah Bovee

Michael and Cecilia Bowers

Wendy Boye

John Bradley

Michael Brady

Tim and Mary Brady

Jeff and Catherine Bramlage

Gary and Lori Brandt

Robert Branigan

Kimberly ('03) Brantley

Jennifer ('18) Brashier

Susan and Michael Braswell

Michael and Christine Braun

Christopher and Cylinda Bray

Christopher Briggs and Lindsey Myers

George Bringes

George and Shannon Brinkman

Nick and Maureen Brixius

John and Sheree Brodak

Michael and Dawn Brodeur

Jeffrey Brok

Karen Bronshteyn

Gabriel Brooks

Steve and Theresa Brooks

Joseph and Kristin Brost

Casey and Craig Brown

Doris Brown

George and Kathleen Brown

Jeff and Heather Brown

Joni and Harold Brown

Lavona Brown

Richard and Anne Brown

Andrea Brown-Chamberlin

Vikki Browne

Monty and Lorraine Bruckman

Jean and Scott Bruner

Kathryn Brunette

Richard and Marjorie Bryant

Judy Bucek

Jacqueline Buchanan

Nikita Buchanan

Steven ('03, '05, '07, '12) and Stephanie Buckner

Amy Bumbaco

Clytie Bunyan-Connell

John Burdick

Deborah ('93, '96, '16) and Dean Burke

Kevin and Shelly Burke

David and Mary Burklow

Lauren Burmester ('04, '11)

Melanie Burnett

Joseph and Karen Burns

Susan Burts

Mary Bush

Julie Butcher

Brian Butka

Norma Butler ('03)

Sandy Buttrum

Janice Byard

Sara Byrd

Wendy and Jason Byrd

Brenda and William Byrne

Kenneth ('01, '05) and Regina Byrnes

Ellen Cain

Penelope Cairns

Carl and Debra Caixeiro

Eileen Caligiuri

John and Suzette Cameron

Jacob Cameron

Deborah Campbell

Erika and Gregory Campbell

Rita Campos

Theresa Cantrell

Fred and Christine Cappillino

Gregory and Robin Capra

Jessica Cardino

S. Ellen Carlson

Marge and Robert Carlton

Laura and Robert Carno

Joseph and Sandra Carosi

Ricardo Carreras

Mary Carrion

Christopher ('13) and Tori Carta

Charles and Patricia Carter

Shannon Cartwright

Linda and Brasi Casamento

Esther Casariego

Leah Case

Jen Casey

Susanne Casey

Clayton Cassella

Katelynn Castaldo

Carlos Castro ('02, '14)

Michael Cavaliere

Christopher and Luciana Cerone

Alan and Zoe Cesar

Judy and Anthony Cesaroni

Bruce Chadbourne

Kelli and Mark Champagne

Arlo Chan

Catherine Chandler

Elizabeth Chandler

Jeannette Charles

Kyle Chastain

Angela Cheatham ('11)

Hongyun Chen

Leeann Chen and Philip Jones

Yan Chen

Ayrayouth Chheng

Nicholas and Patricia Chilelli

Mary Chilson

Kenton and Adrienne Chong

Franklyn and Patricia Christie

Michael Chronister

Julie Churilla ('14)

Marc Cianci

Kathy Cikowski

Deborah Circelli

Misty Clark

Patti ('95, '98) and Harold Clark

Chrissy Clary

Robert and Hilary Clayton

Rachel Clegg

Ryan Clemons

Aaron Clevenger

Leslie Clodfelter

Crystal Cobb ('16)

Eric and Angela Cobb

Patricia ('00) and Richard Cody

Matthew and Stephanie Coleman

Sandra and Scott Coleman

Kevin Coley

Jeffrey Collins

Terry and Barbara Collins

Diali Coll-Mercado

Dino and Dawn Colombo

Connie and Patrick Colvin

Robin Colwell ('10)

Nora Comolli

Ronald and Kathleen Conahan

William and Stephanie Condon

Tonya Coogan

Janelle Cooper

Kellie Cooper

Patricia Corbett

Kenneth and Lisa Corbin

Richard and Gina Cormier

Gineyda Cornelio

Suzanne Cornell

Janet ('98) Cosman-Ross and Patrick ('97, '98) Ross

Lyndse Costabile

Fredrick and Linda Costello

Cristina Cottom

Natascha Couvreur

Shawn and Kristy Cowan

Lynn and Russell Cox

Cheryl and Monty Coxwell

William ('85) and Paula Coyne

Jennifer and Jeremy Craig

John Craiger

Alexander Crammond

Suzanne and James Crammond

John Crane and Suzanne Saenz

Elizabeth Crean

Reginald and Kimberly Crear

Lisa Creighton ('16)

Yechiel and Lea Crispin

Chantal Criswell

David and Tonya Cromartie

Denise and James Crosby

Brian Crose

James Crowell

Margaret and Joseph Cruz

Chris and Karen Cudzilo

Michael and Ann Cuffe

Kara and Stephen ('11) Cunningham

Kathryn and Jim Cunningham

Stacy Cunningham

Patrick Currier

Tamilla Curtis ('01)

Jordan Cutting

Raymond and Diane Cybulski

Celia Da Silva

Terry and Andrew Dallas

John Dame

Linda and Kevin Dammer

Sharon Patrick ('12, '15)

Sharon and Danny Danforth

Daniel and Deborah Dangler

Pamela Daniels ('00, '01, '07)

Shelby and Jonathan Daniels

Douglas Dann

Glenn and Natalie Dardick

Liz and Braden Darkins

Andy ('95) and Zandra Dattel

Lisa and Matthew Davids

Gayle Davidson

Trinidad ('06) and James Davidson

Paul Davini and Hau Wei

Ann-Marie Davis

Barbra Davis

Beverly and Daniel Davis

Brian Davis and Virginia MacGowan

Kristen Davis

Reta Davis

Therese Davis

Caroline Day

James Day

Michelle Day ('91)

Saul and Sonya De La Cruz

Nathanael Deputter ('11, '07)

Amy and Robert Deahl

Keith ('05, '12, '16) and Kristin Deaton

Arnold and Gloria Debease

Carolyn and Rick Decker

Stephen ('94) and Suzanne Dedmon

Anne Deffenderfer

Joshua DeGroate

Mary Jane Deighan

Margaret Deiotte

Christina Groenenboom

Elyse Delisle

Kathi Delp

Natalie Demchak

John Denigris

Valerie and Joel Denney

Willis Denny and Donna Pagano Denny

Joanne DeTore

Denise and Fred ('92) Dettmann

Kevin DeVault

Loresa Dever

Haitham Dhiyab

Cheily Diaz ('13, '17)

Archie and Janna Dickey

Sheila Dietz

Jacques Dit Philippe ('14)

Eduardo Divo

Paul and Harriet Dodd

Barbara and Richard Dodds

Lisa Donnelly

Bryan and Sonja Dougherty

Jeffrey and Heather Doutrick

Amy and Matthew Dow

Diane ('14) and John Dowhy

Robert and Elaine Doxie

Judy and Antonino ('98, '07, '13) Drago

Sergey and Irina Drakunov

Antony and Angela Duarte

Jeannette Duerr

Johanna Dulberger

Diana ('16) and Bruce Dunham

Samantha Dunman ('17)

Gregory and Bernadette Dunn

Luckey Dunn and Wendy Myers Dunn

William and Kimberly Dunne

Kelsi Dunne

Kailey Dwyer

Hillary and Christopher Eaton

Louis and Shirley Ebbesmeyer

Laura and Christopher Eckert

Frank and Sally Eddy

Terry Edeker

Eric Edelman

Hayley Edenzon

Dale and Cristy Edie

Deb Edwards

Sharon Edwards

Gilles Eggenspieler

David Ehrensperger and Valerie Kepner

Claudia ('09, '11) Ehringer Lucas and Jeremy ('09, '10) Lucas

Suzanne Eichler

John and Vicky Ekaterinaris

Timothy Eldridge ('00)

Walter and Joanne Elisha

Sigurbergur Elisson

Geraldine Ellenberger

Gary and Crystal Ellington

Leon and Mary Elterman

Nate and Amy Engel

Ludmila Engelbach

Elizabeth Engler

Nancy Epps

Peter and Susan ('10) Erdman

David Escobar

Mario and Melissa Esguerra

Habib and Mitra Eslami

Hector Espana

David Esser ('81, '84, '87, '89)

Kurt Estorez ('09)

Joanne Evanoff

David Evans

Kenneth Evans

Kristine Evans

Melissa Everhardt ('09)

Mike Everlove

Hugh and Tammie Everly

Michael and Monica Fabian

Bridget Falzon

Daniel and Sheron Farner

Jeff Farr

Michael Farrell

James and Cheryl Farrow

Bruce and Betty Farry

Shirley Fedorovich

Bryan Feigenbaum

Wendy Feigenbaum

Michael Fekete

Marguerite Feldmann

Jim and Sally Fell

Meachelle Felps-Darley ('99)

John and Kelly Ferguson

Jeffrey ('97) and Stacy Ferner

Robert and Dawn Ferra

Robin Ferrier-Bascom and Garth Bascom

Thomas and Milena Field

Terri Fields and Jeffrey Ross

Michael and Linda Fillius

Melynda and Vonda Fincher

Susan Finke

Kathleen and Kenneth Fisher

Philip and Susanne Fleuchaus

Aubrey Florom-Smith

Cameron Flowers

Debbie Flowers

Lisa Forbes

Ann Forde

Karen Forte ('85, '86)

Janine Foster and David McGaha

Claudia Fournier

Robert and Cathryn Fowler

Stanley and Carol Fox

Cinzia Fragiacomo

Sabrina Fragiacomo

Andrew and Cynthia Fraher

Jamie Francis

Maria Franco

Brian Frank

Christina Frederick

Brittnee Freeman ('14)

Donna and Paul Fremont

Michael Freudeman ('15)

Warren Frey

Daniel and Diana Friedenzohn

John and Patricia Frisch

Steven Frisch

Diana Fritz

Brian Frook and Barbara Dann

Mike and Carol Frost

Eugene and Nancy Frund

Jonathan and Susan Frund

Mark and Jane ('12) Fugler

Erin and Brent Fulton

Eric and Raigan Fundalewicz

Edward ('73) and Phylann Fusco

Theresa and Pete Gabriel

Jim Gainey

Anthony Galante ('00, '02)

Lawrence and Michelle Galbreath

Larry and Mindy Galbreath

Larry Gallagher

Jonathan Gallimore

Joslynn Gallop

Thomas and Susan Galloway

Andrew and Sandra Gambardella

Jennifer Ganem

Sathya Gangadharan and Manjula ('96, '11) Sathyanarayan

Jacob Gantz

Anna Garcia ('03, '14)

Hector and Kristy Garcia

Keith ('83) and Linda Garfield

Dale Garris

Michael and Erica Garris

Thomas and Gloria Garrison

Troy and Christina Gartner

Chad Geesman

Heather Gelinas

Jill Gentry

Claire Gerard

Kaveh Gharibi

Donna ('03, '08) and James Giambra

Marissa Giannerini

Richard Gibson

Tracey Gibson

Mark and Jill Gillespy

Jaclyn Gilmour ('15)

Carmen and Patricia Ginnetti

Andrew and Susan Giordano

Becca Gisslow

Daniel and Kristin Glunt

Ebenezer Gnanamanickam

Jeffrey Godbey

Jayendra Gokhale and Rashmi Gupta

Erin and Brian Goldesberry

Henry and Cynthia Goldstone

Vladimir Golubev

Lauren Gonsalves

Matthew ('14, '15) and Tiffany Gonzales

Diego Gonzalez

Evelyn Gonzalez

Pablo and Elvira Gonzalez

Terra Good ('02, '14)

James Goodman

Cynethia Goodwyn

Javad and Azita Gorjidooz

Frank and Mary Gorman

Michiko Gosney

Joshua Gotbaum

Lori and Rodd Gould

Fleena Gracias

Maryam Gracias

Christopher and Cynthia Grant

Susan and Fred Grassin

Ronald and Deborah Graves

Steven and Jennifer Gray

Debra Green

Cindy and Richard Greenman

Andrea and Troy Greer

Paula Gregory

David and Nicole Gregson

Glenn Greiner ('81, '90) and Paulita Kundid

Myra Gresham

Andri and Ellie Gretarsson

Cheryl Griffing

John and Sonja Griffith

Rebecca and William Griffith

Wendy and Jerry Griffith

Dawn and Tyrone Groh

George and Nannette Groh

Donald and Rachael Grosman

Snorri ('91, '94, '16) and Linda Gudmundsson

Thomas and Jolene Guinn

Jason and Monica Guliuzo

Gary Guttveg

Hal Guy

Vitaly ('00) and Ekaterina Guzhva

David and Tamara Guzman

Nanette and Albert Guzman

Jon Haass

Kim and Michael Haddow

L. Helen Hadley

Jo Hagan

Amber Hager ('18)

Adriana ('12) and Anthony Hall

Audrey Hallam

David and Catherine Hallett

Harry Hallgring

Wesley and Janine Halstead

Andrew and Cheryl Hamilton

Tracy Hamilton

Joseph Hampshire

James and Sabine Hanamean

John and Shelley Hanbidge

Chris Hanley

Martha Hannah

Cindy Hansen

John ('10) and Kelly Hanson

Derek Hanson

Robert Harford ('81, '96)

Scott Harkins

Roberta Harney

Shaun and Rebecca Harney

Jewel Harper

Joan Harper-Neely

Tim Harrington

Brenda Harris

Aleta ('02, '07) and Scott Harrison

Jack Harrison

Michael Harrison

Jean and Michael ('79) Hart

James Harty

Leanne and Gary Harworth

Robert and Megan Haslam

James and Debra Hatzel

Jack and Debbie Haun

William and Haley Hawes

Willie Hawkins

Antony ('02) and Amy Haworth

Shigeo Hayashibara

Grace Haymond

Andrea Hays

Lee and Mary Hays

Tammy Hayward

Aleshia Hazard

Marc Hazen

Merrie Heath ('16)

Jennifer Heaton

Lloyd and Denise Heckel

Sara Heffelfinger ('01)

Wero Heggvik

Anthony ('15) and Rowena ('15) Hemingway

Lilia Hemingway

Nancy Henderson

Nicholas Henderson

Troy and Melissa Henderson

Kathleen and John Hennessy

John and Kelli Henry

Rochelle Hensley

William Hepburn

Joshua and Amanda Herko

David and Lori Hernandez

Elizabeth Higgins Frost

Thomas and Julie Hilburn

John and Patricia Hilgenberg

Kathy and George Hill

Michael Hill

David and Debbie Hilleary

Francisco Hill-Rosado and Amy Hill

Paul Hina

Jennifer ('02) Hinebaugh and Michael ('07) Mulrooney

Bradford and Laura Hinton

Debra and Terry Hintz

Lisa Hirschenson

Byron Hlina

Herbert ('94) and Hanna Hoffmann

Herman and Kathy Hoffner

D Shane and Courtney Hogan

Dianne Holt ('06, '10)

Tim ('99, '01, '04, '06) and Karen Holt

Sara Holtzman

Kenny and Paula Hom

Andrea ('15) and Christopher Hooper

Stephen Hoover

David ('09, '15) and Kristen ('16) Hopfe

Peter and Cynthia Hopfe

Gordon and Susan Horn

Frank and Kathleen Hosner

Padraig and Tania Houlahan

Deborah Housley

Diane Howard

Debbie and Jason Howell

Paul and Dawn Hriljac

Darren ('18) and Lindsay Hudak

Karen and Gerald Hudson

Carrie ('10, '14) and John ('98) Hughbanks

Silvia and John ('08) Hughes

Wayne and Rosemarie Hughes

Brennan Hughey

Sally Hultstrand

Jacqueline Hundley

Robert Hunnefeld

Michael Hunt

Rachel Hunt

John Hunter

Billy and Ruth Anne Huston

Brian Hyland

Daniel and Elizabeth Ann ('06) Indomenico

Pedro Irizarry and Zoe Reyes

Dorothea Ivanova-Poppler and Lou Poppler

Nancy Iverson

Linda Ivey

Alex Iwaszewicz

Camille Jackson

Mark and Clarissa Jackson

Sally Jackson

Virgil and Leslie Jackson

Elliott and Carol Jacobs

Jason Jacobs and Maria Icenogle

Kathryn and Arthur ('74) Jacobs

Kathy ('89) and Jeffrey Jacobs

Joe and Angela Jacobson

Arnold James

Curtis and Elaine James

Joann and Arthur Jansen

LeRoy and Judith Janssen

Ellen Jaret

Stephenie Jaworski ('17)

John and Judith Jenkins

Barbette ('99) and Jay Jensen

Jesper Jensen ('17)

Meredi ('15) and James ('15) Jiloty

Dan and Laura Johnson

Denice Johnson

Gary and Lara Johnson

Jeannise Johnson

Mary Johnson

Mary J. Johnson

Michael and Elizabeth Johnson

Todd and Jennifer Johnson

Norman Johnston

Robert Johnston and Francesca Pandolfe-Johnston

Virginia Elizabeth Joiner

Caitlin Jones ('18)

Fletcher Jones

Michelle and Turk Jones

Riley Jones

Roy Jones

William Jones

Lisa Joranlien

Jeffrey Jorgensen ('94)

Robert and Kayren Jost

Chad and Kathleen Juenker

Patricia Kabus ('09)

Jason Kadah

Laura Kadonoff

Geoffrey and Lisa Kain

Roy Kaiser

Joseph Kapczynski

R. and Barbara Kapp

Wendi and Michael Kappers

Mark Kappes

Kirsten Kasper ('14, '17)

Richard and Diana Kasper

Polinpapilinho Katina

Anne-Marie Katssar

Randy and Sandra Kaufman

Sheryl Kaufmann

David Keck and Karin Gollin

Shelley and Micah Keech

James and Patricia Keegan

Brenda Keilman

Robert and Kimberly Keithline

Chad and Jennifer Keller

Amy Kelley

Brian Kelley

Diane and Bruce ('80) Kelley

Edward and Mary Kelley

William and Susie Kelley

Lori Kelly

Ahmed Kenaiou

Natalie and Matthew Kennard

Douglas and Christine Kennedy

Christopher and Lynnette Kent

Trishinda Kent

Raymond and Mary Lou Kenzik

Roberta Keogan

Richard Keough

Gary Kessler and Gayle Belin Kessler

Eric and Carol Kihm

Dae Won ('04, '06) Kim and Sunyoung Baek

Gerod and Kathy King

William and Isabelle King

William Kirshner

Valerie ('10) and Jared ('10) Kisseloff

Robert Kistler

Ann and Garrett Klayer

Curtis Kline

Edward Knapp

Edward and Leeann Knapp

Andrij Kobyleckyj

Lisa ('97, '09) and Matthew ('99, '07) Kollar

Lynn Koller

Lisa Kopp

Jonathan Kopsell

Michael Kosher

John Koury

Daniel Kowalsky

Riyan Krajnik

John and Laura Kraus

Paula and Robert Kropp

Barbara Krumm

William and Dorthy Kuhlman

H. Agnes Kulhanjian

Mandar Kulkarni

Carol Kulzer

Leah Kunzer

Mark ('01, '06) and Kathleen Kurcin

Richard Kuseski

Patrick Kuykendall

Jarrett and Kelly Kwiatek

David and Lisa Kwiatkowski

Terrance La Grange

Daryl and Sallie LaBello

Paul and Maureen Lacotti

James ('66, '67) and Virginia Ladesic

Jessica Ladig

Joann LaDuke

Carol LaFollette-Brooks

Marie Lafond

Ian and Patricia Laidler

Walter and Susan Lamb

Beverly and Curtis Lambert

Christopher and Tracy Lambert

Jessica Lambert

Walter and Michelle Landing

Eileen Landis-Groom and Richard Groom

Andrew Lane

Daniel Lane

Katharina Lane

Greg and Lauren ('06) Lang

Biletnikoff and Brigette Langhorn

Jason Langston and Sharleen Jenniges

David and Lisa Lanning

Gloribell Lantigua

Sharon and Jeffrey Lantzer

Helga Lanza

Linda and David Lard

Linda Larkin

Alan and Margaret Larsen

Jerry and Rita Larsen

Marion Larson

Linda Lastinger

Jonathan Lathbury

Randy LaTourelle

Vicki and Robert Launders

Douglas and Mary Lauria

Nancy Lawrence

Michael and Dawn Laylock

Pamela and Robert Layton

Helen Le Donne

Lee Le Mand

Jean-Claude Le Suave

Ashley and Scott Lear

Tammy Leara

Aedan Leary Valejo

Deanna and Mark Lebeda

Steven and D J Lebo

Linda and Richard Lecates

John and Eileen Ledgerwood

Greta LeDoyen

Andy Lee

Bonnie Lee

Clifton and Sharlene Lee

Kiljae Lee

Robert Lee

Yongho Lee and Soyoung Yang

Andrew and Andrea Leech

William and Jo Lynn Leithiser

Laura Lemajeur

Carl and Cheryl Lentz

Glen and Lisa Leo

Lorraine Leonard

Pamela Leonard

Hock-Luan ('12) and Pok Yen Leong

Jen ('18) and Chris Lesshafft

David and Kelley Letter

Anna Lewis

Eric Lewis

Michelle Lewis

Wesley and Sarah Lewis

James and Joyce Libbey

John Licardi

Kevin and Deborah Liden

Howard Lieber

Anthony and Tammy Limon

Olga Linares

Florence Lincoln

Denise Lind

Matthew Lind

Denise Lindheim

Anne Lineberger

James Linehan ('92, '14)

Brittany Lines

Sandra Liston

Jianhua Liu and Yuanmei Zhong

Zhuangren Liu and Li Ding

David Lloyd and Susan MacKenzie-Lloyd

Olivia ('00) and Maurice Lloyd

Robert and Sandra Lloyd

Oliver Loewen

Doug Logan

Steven and Mary Logan

Gerard Lombardo

Jaime Long

Robert Lonn

Carolyn Lopez

Maria Lopez ('12)

Stacy and Rolando Lopez

Theresa Lostaglio

Leslie Lotina

Christine Loughney

Richard and Adrienne Lowe

Alex Lucero and Geralyn Lesak

Maria and Andrei Ludu

Barry and Jenny Lutterman

Ralph Lymburner and Joanne Zimmermann

Madelyn and James ('81) Lynch

Kathryn MacLean

Richard and Mary Ann Madden

Kenneth and Aisha Maddox

Marie Maese-Thomason and Cleatus Thomason

Maureen Magnifico

Kerri Malone

Marie Malzahn

Valerie Mandel

Chuck Mandsager

Sauro and Susan Manganelli

Richard and Ashlee Mangum

Jennifer and Bill Manke

Christopher Mann

Bernard and Lynn Mapes

Susan Marchese

Christina and David ('05) Marciniak

Heather and Nolan Marcos

Dawn Marcuse

Luke Mariarty

John and Pricilla Markham

Donald Marks

Kathy ('09, '12, '14) and Scott ('09, '12, '14) Markwith

Janet and Michael Marnane

Dan and Asami Maronde

Fernando and Shirleen Marques

Joe and Mary Martin

Laura Martin

Mary Martin ('16)

Jeffrey Martindale

Patricia and Jose Martinez

Wendy and Robert Martinez

Afonso Martins

Stacy Martorella

George and Mary Mas

Bernadette Mashas

David Massey

Steven Master

Michael and Deborah Masters

Joyce and Michael Mattingly

Keith Mattingly

Sherry Mauraides ('18)

Peter ('94) and Jennifer Mauro

Stephanie and William Mayfield

Howard and Margaret Mayo

Ryan Mazon

Dan and Norma Mazur

Marjan Mazza ('89, '93)

Rashmi Mazzarella ('17)

Timothy and Leslie McBrayer

Seth McBride

Nancy McCaffrey

Danielle McCammon

Kathleen McCarver

Andrew McClary

James McClure and Denise Mammolito

James and Margaret McCormick

Michael and Gabrielle McCormick

Jessica McDermott and Didetsa Vazquez Soto

Patric McElwain

Ron and Melanie McFall

Lee and Sharon McFarland

Dawn McGowan ('04, '15)

Robert and Terri McGraw

Gregory and Kathy McGuirk

Liam ('07, '13) and Bjorg McIlhatton

Maureen McKasy-Dolin

Jessica Mckee

John and Maryann McKee

William and Misuza McManus

Bobby ('05) and Evelyn McMasters

Joan McMillan

Valerie McNamara

Martin Meads

Janet and Robert Meckley

Stephanie Medlin

Cheryl Mehl

Suzanne Mejia

Cherie Melka

Andrew and Annalisa Mena

Melissa Mena

Nina and Patrick Mercado

Kent Merdes and Hanrich Claassen

Pablo Merino

Peter Merkle and Jessica Ferris

Juan and Lanette Merkt

Tracy Merle

Tracy Merritt

Philip Mertens

Samantha Messer

Garret ('06) and Stephanie Messner

Wendy Messner

Michael and Julie Miglioranzi

Dimitre and Daniela Mihaylov

Winfred ('91, '92) and Celia Mihill

Daniel and Ami Milla

Ellen Miller

Mark ('97) and Vicki Miller

Paula and Brad Miller

Ralph Miller ('04)

Scott and Shelley Miller

Steve and Sue Miller

James Milsom

Erin Minta

Manuel Miranda-Zapata

Todd and Tracy Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell

Taylor Mitchell

Mohammad Moallemi and Shafagh Jafer

Kishore and Bhagvati Modi

Azar Modirroosta

Steven and Lori Mollo

Evan Molnar

Thomas Monahan

Hever and Paola Moncayo Lasso

Joseph and Deborah Mondello

Daniel and Audra Monk

Irene Montgomery

Samantha Montgomery

Katherine Moore

Myrna and James Moore

Patricia Moore

Rucie Moore ('98)

Kim MooreKelley

Gino and Ann Morello

Claudia Moreno

Amanda Mori ('01, '04)

Christine Morris

Laurie Morris

Wanda Morris

Kristina and Luther Morton

Len Moser

Christopher Mosher

Monty and Kelly Moshier

Stuart and Theresa Moyer

Melanie Mugford

Edward Muller and Patricia Bauer

Charlene Mullins

Kadie ('17) and John Mullins

William and Delyth Multhauf

Lawrence and Deborah Mundy

Noel and Carol Munson

Justin Munz

Joel Munza ('16)

Aaron Murphy

Clare Murphy

John and Jan Murphy

Sean Murphy

Shannon Murphy

Jim Murro

David and Sandra Musielewicz

Francis Mwanzia

Parker and Donna Mynchenberg

Sirish Namilae and Sunitha Shivadevuni

Lakshmanan and Usha Narayanaswami

Michael Natale

Morad Nazari

George ('86, '04) and Jan ('07) Neal

Joy Neer

John and Laureen Neff

Michele Neiberlien

Phillip and Marybeth Nelson

J. Cheston and Ann Newbold

Craig Newcomb

Donna and Raymond Newcomb

Sharon Newhouse

Nicole ('10) Nguyen Bier and Joel Bier

Mike Nichols

Richard and Kristin Nicols

Blair Niermeyer

Laura Nipper

William and Melissa Nisiewicz

Theresa Nolte

Anita Nordbrock

Gini Norgard

Grace Norris

Kevin and Lynne Norris

Paul Norris

Michael ('03) and Ashley Novak

David Nuxol

Laura ('10) and Steven ('12, '15) Obregon

Kelly O'Brien

Sarah and Stuart ('06, '13) Ochs

Edmund ('04, '10) and Eunice ('05, '10) Odartey-Williams

Dennis and Audrey O'Dell

Harry and Rhonda Oeters

Sandi and Francis Ohman

Mahyar and Shirley Okhovatian

Stephen Oler

Jacquelyn Oliver

Michelle Olsen

Jeffrey and Rebecca Olson

Sara ('15) and Cary ('14) Ombres

Kerry Orpinuk

Amy Ortiz

Sandra Osborn

MaryEllen Osterndorf

Elizabeth O'Toole

Ronald and Linda Ott

Russell Owen and Katie Owens

Anna and Richard Owensby

Robert Oxley

John and Kim Paczynski

Debra and Sean Padgett

Charles and Barbara Paget

Jessica Paggen

Erick Palacios

Anthony Pallone

Sandra Palmer

Samantha Panaro

Mehul and Seema Pandya

Doreen Paoletti

Iris Papazian

Michele Pardon

Catherine and Paul Parios

Seyong Park

Michelle ('16) and Mikael Parker

Kathryn Parks Wilson

Deborah and Leonard Parris

Kenneth and Lauren Parsons

Gretchen Partington

David and Elizabeth Paschal

Pam Passmore

Richard and Marilyn Patierno

Sharon Patrick

Michael Patterson

Jennifer and Tim Pattison

Gretta Payne ('13)

Wendy Payne

Omayra C. and Brian Pearson

Heidi Pecora

Pamela Peer

James and Lindsay Pembridge

Roldan and Jan Penagos

Lisa Pence

John and Kim Perdue

Kathleen Pericola

Richard Pernell

Eric and Areta Perrell

Debra Perry and Dana Marnell

Tiffany Person

John Pesce ('96, '03)

Jerome Peterson

Joy Peterson

Robert and Jeanne Petrick

Pamela ('16) and Frank Petrone

Gerald and Marcia Pfeifer

Wendy Pfundt

Tiffany Phagan

Gary and Sharon Phillips

Jessica Phillips

William and Barbara Phinney

Mario Piccinini and Diana Amick

Jason Pierce

Michael Pierce

Roger and Anne Pisacano

Michael and Rebecque Plante

Devi Plasencia

Linda Pledger

Loretta Poe

Georgianne Pogas

Todd and Paula Poitras

Laura Polk

James Pompi

Edward Poon

Willett Ross and Lisa Porter

Michael ('09) and Melody Potash

Cayla ('18) and Brian Powell

Glenda Powell

Wendalyn Prather

Alan and Bonnie Pratt

Kelly and Timothy Pratt

Deborah Praver

Richard and Angel Prazenica

Debra Preston

William Prevo

Hynde and James Prine

Jenifer Prine

Nora Provost

Theodore Provost

Thomas Pruitt

Camille Prulhiere

Marie Prulhiere

Valerie Prulhiere

Walter Pryzwansky

Jens Puls

Michael Quiello

Marc Quigley

Carlos Quintero

Kathleen Quinto

Brian Rachford

Frank and Rosemary Radosta

Cynthia and Benny Ramirez

Stacey and Scott Ramirez

Kimberley Ramos and Mike Miller

Susan Rannie

Ramin Rashedi

George and Janet Raven

Adrienne Ravizzoli

Maurice and Diane Rawlings

Randy Ray

Jessica Rayburn

Robin and John Reece

Kimberly Reed

Paula Reed

Judith Rees

Celine Reilly

Monika and William Reyes

Mahmut and Sevilay Reyhanoglu

Joseph and Ann Rezek

Dawna and John Rhoades

Rebecca Rhoads

W. Dean and D. Kay Rhodelander

David and Gail Rice

Thomas Rice

Sally Richards

Jil and Kevin Richardson

Roberta and Michael Richardson

Leah Richwine

Mark Ricklick

Jonathan Rigney

Don and Tamara Rinehart

Amy Riordan

Patricia Ripa

Tobi Rispoli

Bud and Cindy Ritchey

David Roach ('13, '17)

Peggy and Dick Roach

John Robbins ('08)

Barbara Roberts

Kirt Roberts

Robin Roberts

Tessa Roberts

Dale and Melinda Robertson

Kelly Robinson

KC and Darelyn Rock

James and Amy Roddey

Rafael and Sandra Rodriguez

Bonnie Rohde

Marie and Bill Rohlfs

Virginie and Bertrand Rollin

Jeffrey and Pamela Romeyn

James and Lynn Root

Mitchell Roper and Liza Simon-Roper

Amanda and Brian Rosati

James and Janice Rose

Stacy and David Rose

Michael and Carrie Rosolino

Marnie Ross

Stephen and Angelica Ross

Bernadette Rossi

Steven and Charlene Rossi

Sherilyn Rossiter

Suzie and Tony Roth

Rebecca Rother

Stephanie Rowley

Stephanie and Joshua Rozboril

Jason and Jennifer Ruckert

Gwyn Ruddy

Ernestine Rudolf

Susan Russell

Phyllis Rutherford

Bonnie and Danny Ryan

Lori Rymer

Sandra and Vincent Saar

Steve Saari

John Sabol and Cynthia Hines-Sabol

Robert and Diane Saffran

Carole Saland

Rhonda Salsman

Albert and Mariann Sam

Steven Samples

Judith Samuels

Jeff Sanders

Raymond Sanders

Brian Sanderson

Sidney and Betty Sandifer

Stanley and Laura Sandmark

Debra and Frank Santiago

Valentin Santiago

Merlita Santos

Roger and Sharon Saravia

Jessica Savage

Joseph Savage

Kimberly and James Savage

Nancy Savage

Terrence Savage

Madonna Savage-Phillips

Laurie Schammel

Mitchell Schear

Cindy Scher

Kevin Schiffli

Robert and Deanna Schirmer

James and Joan Schmadebeck

Barbara and Jack Schmidt

Lois Schoenbrun

Dean and Julie Schultz

Kevin and Kim Schultz

Lynn Schwedes

Maria Sclafani-Cimbolic

Bob and Moss ('13) Score

David and Sabrina Scott

Judy Scott

Michael Scott

Richard and Carolyn Scott

Jessica Searcy

Edward and Janet Segen

Judy Segner

Remzi Seker

Dwight and Sheryl Selby

Nicole Selby

Lina and Joseph Sellix

Mark and Laura Sensmeier

Dongeun Seo and Jiwon Kim

Conrad and Marcia Shad

Antoinette Shaffer

Christopher Shannon ('17)

Cynthia and Bruce Shannon

Jim Sharkey

Matthew Sharp

Tina Shaw

Kimberly Sheeter

Kinley Shell

Walter and Edith Shelley

June Shelly

Donna Shelton

Merrie Sheltz

Robin Shephard

John and Stacie Shimabukuro

Martin and Cheryl Shinko

Bradley Shirk

Rebekah Shook

Richard and Shirley Shook

James and Susan Shoopman

Michael and Jeanette Shorney

Eric Short

Patricia and Roland ('72) Sicotte

Tariq ('03, '04, '08) and Tayra Siddiqui

Jeffrey Sidwell

Philip Siess

Dean Sigler

Gerard Sillcocks

Kathy Silvas

Tammy Silvestri

Alana ('03, '08, '14) and William Sims

Jacqueline Sinatra and David Klinkman

Mark and Nancy Sinclair

Jennifer and James Sisk

Carl and Katherine Sitler

Sebrina Slack

Susan and David ('99, '16) Small

Alison Smalling ('96, '98)

Ray Smith

Ashley and Justin Smith

Deborah Smith

Debra Smith

Fay Smith

Jeffrey Smith

Jodi Smith

Kimberly Smith

Lesa Smith

Skylar Smith ('13)

Timothy Smith

Jim Smrekar

Greg and Jori Snell

Jonathan and Maggie Snively

Richard ('17) and Trai Snodgrass

Christina and Joey Snowden

Robin ('84) Sobotta and Thomas ('06, '08) Roush

Shari Solomon

Houbing Song and Huihui Wang

Roger Sonnenfeld ('86)

Theresa Sorensen

Patrick Spanfelner ('11)

Christopher Specht

Leslie Speck

Nick and Joan Spiroff

David Spitzer

Suzanne Sprague

Susan Sprowl

Sirish Sreeram

David St. Martin and Gail Erlitz

Kimberly Staley ('90)

Jeanne Stalzer and Todd Schryver

Todd Stanley

Richard and Amy Stansbury

Ron and Donna Stanton

Shammera Stark

Tony Stark

Kenneth and Sasha Staton

Deborah Steckroth

Charles and Melanie Stegall

Michael and Laura Stegall

Becca Stein

Scott Steman

Larry (H ‘15) and Brenda Stephan

Cindy Stephens

Robert Sterner

Elizabeth and George Sterthaus

Mark Stevenson and Liz Gibson

Jesse and Donna Stine

John Stitt

Melissa and Ron Stokke

Dawn and Robert Stollenwerk

Douglas Stow

Ira and Laura Strauss

Shari and Ronald ('93, '11) Strauss

Mark and Rosemary Stricker

Vaughn Stroll

Ryan Strong and Julie McCuish

Lisa Strutt

Douglas and Yan Stuart

Linda Stuart

Dan Su

Julie Suggs

Nancy Sullivan

Ahmed Sulyman

Lulu Sun and Shuo Pang

Joan Sussman

Elizabeth Swanchara

Jennifer and David Swanchara

Monica Sweeney

Andrew and Gloria Sweibel

Karen Swintek

David Sypeck

Brian and Adrienne Syvertson

Agee and Valiera Tacker

Thomas ('77) and Nancy Tacker

Natalie Tafur

Ginny Tait ('95)

Kathryn and Thomas Tait

Jeanne Talbot

Ali Tamijani and Sima Tajik

Yan Tang

Charles Tari-Head

Carlos Tates Flores ('17)

Tammy Tauscher

Debra ('10) and Jonathan ('10) Bourdeau

Frances Taylor

Geoffrey and Dorothy Taylor

George and Suzanne Taylor

George Taylor

James and Lou Ann Taylor

Lauren Taylor

Hunter Tedrick

William ('82, '89, '05) and Diana Teeple

Robert ('05) and Prakob Terhardt

Fay Theos

Elizabeth Theriault

Bobby and Lee Thigpen

John and Susan Thomas

Hannah Thomas

Holly and Thomas Thomas

Joan Thomas

Sarah Thomas

Daniel and Teresa Thompson

Jack ('05) and Mary Thompson

Raymond and Dianne ('81) Thompson

Kathleen Thoreson

Karen and Christopher Thornburgh

Jennifer Thropp

Kathryn Thyden

Laurie Tibbetts

Ava Ticotin

Reece Ticotin

Riley Ticotin

Barbara Tieman

Julie Tifft

Michele Tiller

Arild Todal

Lise Todal

John and Loretta Tolland

Cathy Topping

Faith Torres ('12)

Brian ('10) and Erin Toung

Massood Towhidnejad and Khandan Molavi

Ted and Judy Trader

Jacquelyn Trainer

Nancy Tran-Horne

Patrick ('13, '17) and Yumiko Travenetti

Erin Trembly

Griffin Trenbeath

Elizabeth ('02) and Winslow ('02) Truax

Jacquelynn Tucker

Giorgia Tuzzi

Bogdan Udrea

Nuray Ugras

Paul and Rosaria Upchurch

Amalia Uriarte

Sheila Uyeoka

Ronald and Beverly Valente

Ann Marie Valenti

Edward Valenti

Jean-Noel and Paula Vallejo

Mary Van Buren

Michael Van Hilst

Yoon ('18) and J.T. Van Hout

Robert Van Twyver

Scott Vanacore

Karen Vance-Gilpin

Oliver and Sarah Vandagriff

Heather and Omar Vargas

Bijan and Behnoosh Vasigh

Rebecca and Paul Vasquez

Barbara and William Venema

Kimberly Venema ('11, '15)

Matthew Verleger

Gary ('13) and Nancy Vessell

Mark and Kathleen ('15) Vidovic

Michael and Chandra Vigil

Miguel and Gabrielle Villa

Celso Villanueva

Julie Vincent

Keith and Susan Vogel

Peter ('69) and Linda Vosbury

Alexis Vulpi

Joan and Fred Wackowski

Daniel Waddell

Joanne and Mark Wagenschnur

Blaise and Carla Waguespack

Molly and Derek Wainscott

Donna and James Walden

Jeanne and Keith Walker

Bradley Wall and Brighid Murphy-Wall

R. Scott Waller

Rick Walrond

Bernadette Walsh

Robert Walton ('08, '17)

William and Mary Ward

Peter and Janet Warren

Brett and Tara Warthen

Shirley Waterhouse and Rodney Rogers

Amy Watkins

Daryl Watkins

Patricia Watkins

John Watret and Elizabeth Mathews

Cathy Watt

George Weber

James Weber

Tracy Webster

Marcia and Terry Weddel

Heather and Brad Weekley

Connie Weeks

Jacqueline ('16) and Zachary ('14, '15) Wehr

Daniel and Kristin Weiler

Michael and Pennie Weise

Michael and Debra Weiss

Benita Welch

Charlie Welch

Nancy Wencel

Leslie and Ralph Werchan

Melanie West and Donna Keesee

Mary Wheatley

Robert and Karen Wheatley

Chris and Lindsey Whippy

Darris and Melinda White

Justin and Kimberly White

Margaret and Phillip White

Mary Ann White

Sherri Whiting

Stephen and Leslie Whitmer

Shirley Whitted

Nancy Wieland

Michael Wiggins ('76)

Shannon Wiggins

Alice and Doug Wigley

Rodney Wilborn

Tami Wildoner

Maureen Wiley

Bryn Will

Denise and Robert Will

Devyn Williams

E. David and Ellen Williams

Jesse Williams

Karen ('00, '04, '09) and Joe Williams

Laurent Williams

Mark and Eileen Williams

Robin Williams

Tim and Linda Williams

Janel Wilson

Joe Wilson

Matthew Wilson and Lisa Nuxol-Wilson

Bonnie Wims

Spencer Wims

Scott Winchester

Gregory and Julie Windeknecht

Terri Winfield

Ryan Winget

Michael and Erin Winston

Betty Wisniewski and Nelson Porter

Brian Wisniewski

Kenneth ('02) and Sarita Witcher

Sara and Larry Withrow

Jennifer and Christopher Wojton

Gary and Windy Wolfe

Louis and Wendy Wolff

Chris and Erin Wollett

Seongjae and Anise Won

Clara Wong

Rose Wong

Sean Wong

Beverly Wood

Sherri Wood ('14)

Charlotte and Glen Woolcott

Dennis Woolery

David and Deirdre Woolford

Mitchell Wrenn

Ann and Jonathan Wright

Catherine and John ('95) Wright

Kimberly Wright

Monica and Brian Wyka

Maryellen Wynn ('90)

Dave and Jill Wyss

Gary and Deborah Yale

Justin and Jennifer Yancey

Tianyu Yang and Lifang Lu

Becky Yates

Brandon and Tamara Young

Douglas and Pamela Young

Chunyan Yu and Li Yan

Eril Yurdakul

Thomas and Anne Yuska

Camilla Zaher

Teresa Zamboni

Edward and Elaine Zeine

Wilfredo Zelaya

Nancy Zeman

Matthew Zettergren

Hong Zhan and Guorong Qu

Zheng Zhang

Lynn and Michael Zidek

Daniel and Desiree Zinger

Justin Zinkovich

Christopher Ziolkowski

Julia and Hank Zirckel

Li Zou and Juemin Zhang

Don Zutter