Gold Eagles

Gold Eagles secure Embry-Riddle's position as an outstanding institution of higher education by making annual gifts of $5,000 or more. Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.

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Daytona Beach Alumni

Damon (ʼ94) and Debra DʼAgostino

William Hampton (ʼ98, ʼ00)¹

Geoffrey (ʼ87) and Lisa Murray

Benjamin Rider (ʼ02)

Heather (ʼ04) and Michael (ʼ04) Samp

Prescott Alumni

Gabriel ('88) and Carmen Navarrete


Worldwide Alumni

Frank ('87) and Deborah Ayers

Kenneth ('85, '89) and Antoinette Dufour

Friends, Board Members, Students, Faculty and Staff

Jay (HonDoc ʼ08) and Leila Adams

Nirmal Aggarwal

Frank (ʼ87, WW) and Deborah Ayers

G. Laurence and Dana Baggett

Robert and Anne Baker

Steven and Brenda Bobinsky

Kenneth (ʼ85, ʼ89, WW) and Antoinette Dufour

Betty Jane France

William and Linda Geiger

Bradley and Leigh Giles

William and Anne Grams

William Hampton (ʼ98, ʼ00, DB)¹

Albert and Toni Helfrick

Gerald and Muriel Holland

Harry and Ada Lamon

Gabriel (ʼ88, PC) and Carmen Navarrete

David Rider

Edward and Lisa Schatz

Scott and Cindy Shappell

David and Antoinette Slick

Steven (HonDoc ʼ06) and Nancy Sliwa¹

John and Lynne Thelan

Greg Waidmann

Corporations and Foundations



Bose Corporation

Cobham Aerospace Communications

Command Medical Products

Florida Hospital Memorial Foundation

Florida Power & Light

Gen. William W. Spruance Foundation

Giles Electric Company


National Philanthropic Trust

Newton Family Foundation

Oakland Management

Rider Jet Center

Sheltair Aviation


State of Arizona

Stevens Institute of Technology