The Legacy Society

Recognizing donors who include Embry-Riddle in their estates, members of the Legacy Society support multiple generations of aeronautical leaders.

Embry-Riddle is honored to recognize the following members who have elected to leave a powerful and lasting legacy in support of Embry-Riddle. This list is updated annually, and is current as of June 30, 2017.

Jay (HonDoc ’08) and Leila Adams
Matthew Andersson (’78, DB)
Farshad Babazadeh*
Robert* and Mary* Beilman
Robert (’71, DB) and Cheri Belinke
Theodore (’82, ’89, DB) and Muriel Beneigh
Catherine and Gordon Benson
Matthew Berk (’58, MC)*
Peg Billson (’84, PC)
Virginia Bingham*
Stephen (’86, PC) and Terri Blanchette
Gerald Bott
Michele Bowman-Underwood and Joseph Underwood
The Robert and Lois Braddock Charitable Foundation
Rick (’67, ’72, DB) and Janice Brown
Benjamin (’82, DB) and Signe Canfield
Richard (’87, WW) and Debra Cargo
Roland Charlebois*
Robert and Bobbi Coleman
Allen Colfry (’66, DB)
James and Beverly Cone
Frances Cresenzo*
Robert and Jennifer Crouch
David* and Marguerite* Cummock
Gary (HonDoc ’69)* and Else Cunningham
Teresa Delafosse
DeRhoads Dolan
George Errick
Michael (’69, DB) and Jacqueline Fitch
Charles* and Karen Ford
James (’92, ’95, DB) and Suellen Gallogly
Samuel Goldman*
Dave and Nancy Gonnion
David Gordon (’80, DB; ’81, WW)
Charles (’75, DB) and Liz Graf
Nancy Graham*
William Haas*
I.V. and Loma Hamilton
Cecile Hatfield
Dennis (’82, PC; ’85, WW) and Tracy Hicks
George (’78, WW) and June Hill
Louis* and Dava Hoffman
Mori (HonDoc ’13; ’78, ’79, ’82, DB) and Forough (’85, DB) Hosseini
Constance Hunter*
James Hunter (’75, DB)
John Hurley
Charles and Marion* Johnson
Sharon Jones (’84, PC)
Cale Kastanek (’02, DB)*
Ronald and Carolyn Kerlin
Jesse C. King and Tanya Wise King
James Kolbe
Martin Korges (’81, DB)
Kenneth* and Mary Lamalie
L. Gale Lemerand
Robert (’57, MC) and Roxie* Lewis
Robert* and Virginia* Lyall
Betty MacDonald
William March (’81, WW)*
George and Karen McCown
Robert McKay*
Roy and Mary Miller
William Montgomery (’78, WW)
Dan and Kelly Montplaisir
D. Keith (’95, ’97, WW) and Alice Mosing
Terry (’94, WW) and Nancy Mularkey
Donald Needham
Nick Nicolai* and Patricia Nicolai-Arntzen
Emily and Thomas Nissley
Lee Noe
William* and Dixie O’Connor
John (H ’16, PC)* and Ann* Olsen
C. David (’74, DB) and Carol Owens
Robert Oxley
Nancy Pettit (’74, DB)
Curtis (’72, DB) and Mutsuko Poree
Deborah Lee Prescott
Walter Prettyman (’75, DB)
Joseph* and Margaret Rhodes
Charles and Joan Richardson
Gordon* and Celia Ritter
David and Andrea Robertson
Fred (’68, DB) and Julie Robinson
Robert Rockett
Nancy Samp
Wesley Segner*
Christine and Louis C. (H ’07, DB) Seno Jr.
Raymond and Frances Sigafoos
Mary Spence*
Nick and Joan Spiroff
Raymond (’75, DB) and Wendy Springsteen
William (HonDoc ’87)* and Eunice* Spruance
Thomas* and Barbara Staed
Betty Stern
Edward (HonDoc ’74)* and Dorothy Stimpson
Raymond Stratton (’78, DB)
James and Marilyn Subach
Druria Sylvester*
Maurice* and Dorothy* Taylor
Dianne (’81, DB) and Raymond Thompson
Harvey Thompson*
Carlos Villa (’10, WW)
Peter (’69, DB) and Linda Vosbury
Charles Vouaux*
Ann Weaver*
Wayne Webster (’98, WW)
Alexander and Mary Wells
Helen Wessel (HonDoc ’17)
Jody (’91, PC; ’05, WW) and Daniel Wichman
Fred* and Alice* Wills
Nancy (’81, WW) and Roger Wingert
Kevin Wisneski (’98, DB)
June Wittfoth*
Phillip Woodruff (’70, ’71, DB)
James (’80, DB) and Clara Zeiler



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L. Gale Lemerand

L. Gale Lemerand, local entrepreneur and longtime supporter of Embry-Riddle, has stepped up once again in support of the university, making a $1 million planned gift that will provide funding for academic and athletics scholarships and the university's greatest needs fund.

Lemerand, who previously served on the Embry-Riddle Board of Trustees in 2000 and has contributed to the university over the years, believes his planned gift to Embry-Riddle is an investment in the future of the local community.

"I see nothing but good things for the area, and I see Embry-Riddle leading that. I also see Embry-Riddle continuing to be an important part of our growth."

Lemerand also directed a portion of his gift to the Embry-Riddle's athletics program to show his support for Men's Basketball Coach and Special Assistant to the President Steve Ridder. "Steve Ridder is such a wonderful coach and wonderful person."

Lemerand's gift is the latest in a series of generous contributions to the university over the years. "Gale Lemerand has been a force for economic progress in our community for more than 35 years," said former Embry-Riddle President John Johnson. "The university is as strong as it is because of the vision and support of people like Mr. Lemerand. We are truly thankful for his support."