Prescott Campus Alumni

Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.

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Platinum Eagles

Annual gifts of $10,000 or more.

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Gold Eagles

Annual gifts of $5,000 or more.

Gabriel ('88) and Carmen Navarrete


Silver Eagles

Annual gifts of $2,500 or more.

Raymond Jayo ('88)

Daniel Rettig ('11)

John Riffle ('90)

Bronze Eagles

Annual gifts of $1,000 or more.

Robert Adams (ʼ01)

Pablo Bartlett (ʼ81)

William Beckelman (ʼ03)

Kathleen (ʼ82) and Jeffrey (ʼ96, WW) Clark

Matthew Cooper (ʼ98)

David (ʼ87) and Maureen Crookes

Libin Daniel (ʼ12)

Lawrence DeBold (ʼ95)

Patrick Doyle (ʼ90)

Timothy Eldridge (ʼ00)

Jordan Germyn (ʼ02)

Erin Gormley (ʼ97; ʼ05, WW)

Larry (ʼ87) and Debra Gregg

James Harris (ʼ89)

Ronald (ʼ01) and Vania Heberlein

David (ʼ83) and Kristi (ʼ83) Hess

Cheryl (ʼ92) and James Hodge

Chris (ʼ93) and Ann Houin

Sean Julian (ʼ98)

Susan Latvala (ʼ91) and Jeffrey Parker¹

Adan Magana (ʼ15)

John (ʼ96) and Lori Markham

Michael (ʼ87) and Emma Neal

Linda Parker (ʼ16)

Catharine Robinson (ʼ93)

A.J. Smith (ʼ12) 

Craig (ʼ00) and Sherri Steiner¹

Jared Testa (ʼ01)

William Thompson (ʼ87) and Sally Blomstrom

Thomas (ʼ84) and Karin Trask


Annual gifts of $499 or more.

Luann (ʼ96) and Matt Abrams

Roy (ʼ83) and Toni Allen

James (ʼ89) and Laurie Anderson

Julie Bales (ʼ14)

Frank Beber (ʼ96)

Christopher (ʼ88) and Cheryl Bischof

Douglas (ʼ90) and Joy Bloom

Sara (ʼ05) and Jeremy (ʼ06) Bofferding

Elijah Brown (ʼ11)

William (ʼ91) and Michelle Calvo

Joshua Chang (ʼ13)

Russell Chapman (ʼ91) and Michelle Fountain Chapman

Morgan Cherry (ʼ16)

James (ʼ90) and Marion Chubon

Marc Collins (ʼ12)

G. Ralph (ʼ88) and Julie Concha

Troy Condon (ʼ90)

Michelle (ʼ87, ʼ93) and Graham (ʼ93, WW) Crippin

Jody (ʼ03) and Brian Davis

Michelle Day (ʼ91)

John (ʼ95) and Kim DeLawyer

Patrick Desrochers (ʼ14)

Jennifer (ʼ01) and Doug (ʼ08) Dickey

Vincent (ʼ84) and Marcella DiTore

Steven (ʼ96) and Audrey Doran

Brian (ʼ98) and Lisa (ʼ00) Doty

Ryan Dunham (ʼ14)

Gregory (ʼ90) and Roberta Dunn

Travis Elliott (ʼ10)

Kurt Estorez (ʼ09)

Michael Fay (ʼ93)

Warren Fernandes (ʼ08) and Samyukta Mudugal

Frank (ʼ88, ʼ92) and Cecilia Ferraro

Matthew Flaherty (ʼ03; ʼ07, DB)

Scott Floco (ʼ98)

James (ʼ84) and Shirley Gessner

Justin Gittins (ʼ00)

Samuel Greene (ʼ12; ʼ15, WW)

John (ʼ10) and Kelly Hanson

James Harrower (ʼ95)

Liana (ʼ97) and Randolph Hart

David (ʼ81) and Karen Hassig

Gary (ʼ88) and Kelly Hayashi

Sara Heffelfinger (ʼ01)

Paul (ʼ91, ʼ01) and Renee Hinchey

Garrett Hogan (ʼ01; ʼ06, WW)

John Hogueisson (ʼ88)

Scott (ʼ82) and Sharon Hubbard

Yoshinori (ʼ87) and Yumiko (ʼ87) Imagawa

Amy Jayo (ʼ91)

Eleazar Jimenez (ʼ99) and Alex Bravo

Kent (ʼ92) and Julia (ʼ91) Johnson

Conor Jones (ʼ14)

Clinton (ʼ02) and Nicole Kennedy

Kraig Kenney (ʼ86)

Christopher (ʼ86) and Sibilla Kern

Alkis Koizis (ʼ98)

Brian (ʼ89) and Margaret Konkel

Andrew (ʼ03) and Kerianne Kramar

Robert (ʼ91) and Nicole Krug

Mark LaPole (ʼ84)

William (ʼ91) and Lisa Layne

Christopher (ʼ06) and Rebecca Liebmann

Douglas (ʼ95) and Susan (ʼ95) Lufkin

James (ʼ81) and Christina Mangie

Jennifer (ʼ89) and Scott Maples

David (ʼ05) and Christina Marciniak

Jesse McDonald (ʼ09)

Frank McFall (ʼ89)

Veronica McGowan (ʼ16)

Megan (ʼ05) and Shawn (ʼ05) McLaughlin

Chris Meyer (ʼ88)

Dane (ʼ07) and Ashlee (ʼ11) Mickelsen

Kerrie Miller (ʼ07)

James (ʼ86) and Roslyn Mooney

Christopher Murphy (ʼ82)

Michael (ʼ82) and Jocelyn (ʼ83) Muscarello

Maria Ngomba (ʼ08)

Ernest (ʼ86) and Iris Obregon

Clinton Ostler (ʼ00)

Brandon Parrish (ʼ16)

Jerry Phan (ʼ06)

Devesh Pokhariyal (ʼ97) and Prachi Kothiyal

Katie Pribyl (ʼ00)

James (ʼ90) and Jacqueline Privee

Mark (ʼ82; ʼ89, WW) and Joanna Pryor

Julie (Falsken) Ratcliffe (ʼ11; ʼ14, WW)

Heather (ʼ96; ʼ08, WW) and Richard Reuter

Christopher Riddle (ʼ13)

James Rightmire (ʼ08) and Thuc-Uyen Nguyen

Scott Ritchie (ʼ02)

Brian Roggow (ʼ05)

Dean (ʼ95) and Kimberly (ʼ92, ʼ93, DB) Rosenlof

Phillip (ʼ86) and Pam Rosnik

David (ʼ81) and Andrea Rowand

David (ʼ89) and Kendall Roy

Scott (ʼ81) and Cynthia Russell

Michael Salas (ʼ10)

Emmanuel Santiago (ʼ92)

Robert Santucci (ʼ00)

Susan (ʼ13) and Timothy Sestak

Scott (ʼ89) and Taitia Shelow

Richard Shupe (ʼ08)

Skylar Smith (ʼ13)

Alexios (ʼ89) and Lisa Stavropoulos

Ty Sterhan (ʼ97)

Kenneth Stout (ʼ01)

Camille Stutzman (ʼ01)

Andrew Suarez (ʼ93)

Edward Sullivan (ʼ04)

Jeffrey (ʼ95) and Ellen Thomas

Joseph Tichy (ʼ91)

Marcos (ʼ98) and Deborah Torres

Jeffrey (ʼ96, ʼ04) and Samantha Tripp

William Turner (ʼ07)

Dustin Tyler (ʼ14)

Donald (ʼ82) and Denise Underwood

Patrick Verdon (ʼ88; ʼ12, WW)

Sophia Villagrasa (ʼ14)

Scott (ʼ80) and Melista Vogtritter

Mark (ʼ86) and Jodi Weems

Robert Wilson (ʼ86)

William Wilson (ʼ87)

Mark Won (ʼ86)

Philip (ʼ98) and Kiya (ʼ99) Wycoff

Garrett Young (ʼ04)

Kenneth (ʼ98) and Vanessa (ʼ98) Young

Paul (ʼ94) and Gloria Zawadzki