Silver Eagles

Through annual support of $2,500 or more, Silver Eagles build the unsurpassed training programs that have become a hallmark of our university. Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.

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Daytona Beach Alumni

Mori (HonDoc ʼ13; ʼ78, ʼ79, ʼ82) and Forough (ʼ85) Hosseini

Laura Koch (ʼ85; ʼ89, WW)

Brad Mason (ʼ08)

Jose Santiago (ʼ87)

James (ʼ79, ʼ83) and Regina Sterioff

Raymond Stratton (ʼ78)

Linda Titus (ʼ79)

Baktash (ʼ99) and Eve Zaher

Prescott Alumni

Raymond Jayo ('88)

Daniel Rettig ('11)

John Riffle ('90)

Worldwide Alumni

Matthew ('01, '09) and Athalia Callander

Herbert Schaefer ('98)¹


Friends, Board Members, Students, Faculty and Staff

Charlotte Andrist

Patricia Arntzen

Jeffrey and Mary Ashworth

Brent and Erin Bowen

Anthony Brown and Michelle Pack-Brown

Leeann Chen and Philip Jones

Robert and Jennifer Crouch

Rodney and Anita Cruise

Brian and Maureen DuJardin

Leonard Durrance

Charles and Beth Duva

Vivian and Michael Francesco

Jim (HonDoc ʼ13) and Carole Henderson

Thomas and Julie Hilburn

Raymond and Lynn Johnson

Kathy Lewis

Oleg Lischuk

Diane McLellan

Steven and Vicky Ridder

Maggie Roberts

Thomas and Doris Sieland

Jill Simpkins

Barbara Staed

James and Nathalie Sweeney

Curtis and Karen Turner

R. Lyman (HonDoc ʼ96) and Leslie Wood

M. Decker and Cheryl Youngman

Corporations and Foundations

A 3 Day Appraisal

Airbus North America Holdings

Bahama House

College Republicans, Prescott Campus

Daytona International Speedway

Eastern Aviation Fuels

Embry-Riddle Board of Visitors Association, Daytona Beach

Ercoupe Owners Club

Flight Support Services

Florida Health Care Plans

Halifax Paving

Harvey M. Thompson Trust

Houston Professional Aviation Maintenance Association

Ladies Professional Golf Association

Magna International

MSK Concepts

The New York Community Trust

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Right LLC

The Same Space Coast Post

ServiceTec International

Sodexo & Affiliates

Staed Family Associates

Urban Security Group