Worldwide Campus Alumni

Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.

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Platinum Eagles

Annual gifts of $10,000 or more.

Timothy Neubert ('86, '87)

David ('82) and Rebecca Wallenborn

Gold Eagles

Annual gifts of $5,000 or more.

Frank ('87) and Deborah Ayers

Kenneth ('85, '89) and Antoinette Dufour

Silver Eagles

Annual gifts of $2,500 or more.

Matthew ('01, '09) and Athalia Callander

Herbert Schaefer ('98)¹


Bronze Eagles

Annual gifts of $1,000 or more.

Susan (ʼ92) and Franklin Archer

Calvin Arter (ʼ60, MC)

Lloyd Booth (ʼ95)

David Brown (ʼ89)

Scott (ʼ99) and Catherine Burgess

Jeffrey (ʼ96) and Kathleen (ʼ82, PC) Clark

Terry (ʼ87) and Terri Cox

Gary DeKay* (ʼ80) and Karla Key¹

Phillip (ʼ03) and Anne Duffy

Katherine (ʼ06, ʼ14) and Mark Friend

William (ʼ82, ʼ84, ʼ87) and Nuala Glennon

Frederick Hammerschlag (ʼ89)

Daniel Hammes (ʼ11)

Stayce Harris (ʼ87)

Gordon (ʼ85) and Jennifer Hay

Thomas Henkel (ʼ04)

Larry (ʼ05) and Pamela Jenkins

John Kelly (ʼ01, ʼ04)

John (ʼ07) and Alice Kirk

Robert Lewis (ʼ57, MC)

Michael (ʼ01) and Cindy MacConnie

Sid (ʼ61, MC) and Sandra Mann

Katherine Moran (ʼ96, ʼ97)

Gary (ʼ63, MC) and Angie Morton

Jason Newcomer (ʼ02, ʼ04, ʼ08)

James (ʼ87) and Donna Parry

Don (ʼ95, ʼ97) and Kathryn Roberts

Peter (ʼ90, ʼ09) and Heather Schlichting

Roland (ʼ95) and Desta Shaw

Jerry Spruill (ʼ97, ʼ99) and Vikki Lynch¹

Alan (ʼ95) and Julie Stolzer

David* (ʼ45, BFTS) and Diana Smith*

Margaret Wiegand (ʼ11)

Kenneth (ʼ02) and Sarita Witcher

Jay Woo (ʼ12)


Annual gifts of $499 or more.

Chad Abrams (ʼ11, ʼ13, ʼ15)

Billy (ʼ81) and Lavenia Acree

George (ʼ89) and Kay Adams

Raleigh Addy (ʼ99, ʼ15)

Ann (ʼ06) and Frank Ade

Bruce (ʼ96) and Dianne Allen

Calvin (ʼ00) and Sarah Allen

Jessie Alvarez (ʼ82)

George (ʼ82) and Diane Anderson

Eric Anderson (ʼ14)

Kent (ʼ97, ʼ99, ʼ01) and Teresa Anderson

Kenneth (ʼ53, MC) and Kathleen Andrews

Lucille (ʼ97, ʼ03) and Robert Babcock

Brandi Balzarini (ʼ08)

Robert Battisti (ʼ04)

William (ʼ60, MC) and Joelin Bayer

Roland (ʼ95) and Gina Beckles

Wayne (ʼ84) and Nancy Bell

Mark (ʼ04) and Connie Bellnap

Richard (ʼ66) and Gina Bennert

Drew (ʼ02) and Gina Berman

Elizabeth Bishop (ʼ10)

Mary (ʼ11) and Chris (ʼ02, ʼ14, ʼ15) Bittle

John Black (ʼ64, MC)

Debra (ʼ10) and Jonathan (ʼ10) Bourdeau

Travis (ʼ02, ʼ07) and Kelly Brabec

Durward Bradshaw (ʼ82)

Pamela Britton (ʼ11)

Dan Brooks (ʼ14)

Billy Brough (ʼ15)

James (ʼ05, ʼ06, ʼ16) and Frances (ʼ07, ʼ14) Brown

Norma Butler (ʼ03)

Kathleen (ʼ09, ʼ16) and Frank Campanaro

Nelson Carey (ʼ91)

Linda Carlson (ʼ89)

Thomas (ʼ01) and Virginia Carter

Marla Cartwright (ʼ94)

William (ʼ82) and Carol Case

Leonid (ʼ58, MC) and Elisabeth Chadovich

Irene Chan (ʼ12)

Angela Cheatham (ʼ11)

Leonard (ʼ11) and Rima Christian

Julie Churilla (ʼ14)

Patti (ʼ95, ʼ98) and Harold Clark

Marshall (ʼ10) and Jessica Cleveland

Crystal Cobb (ʼ16)

Patricia (ʼ00) and Richard Cody

John (ʼ95) and Jennifer Coffey

Robin Colwell (ʼ10)

Kevin (ʼ02) and Amy Connelly

Terry (ʼ97) and Marie Converse

Jeffrey Cote (ʼ93)

Gerald (ʼ59, MC) and Virginia Cox

William (ʼ85) and Paula Coyne

Lisa Creighton (ʼ16)

Graham (ʼ93) and Michelle (ʼ87, ʼ93, PC) Crippin

Timothy Croxton (ʼ12)

William (ʼ88) and Joan Danzeisen

Andy (ʼ95) and Zandra Dattel

Stephanie Davis (ʼ14)

Floyd (ʼ99) and Lisa Dissinger

Joseph (ʼ85) and Elaine Donofrio

Camilo Dornier (ʼ84)

Michael (ʼ95, ʼ08) and Elaine Dortch

Kenneth Doty (ʼ88, ʼ99)

Edward (ʼ82) and Nancy Douglas

Antonino (ʼ98, ʼ07, ʼ13) and Judy Drago

Daniel (ʼ83) and Elpa Droogleever

John (ʼ04) and Teresa Druelle

Otto (ʼ90) and Krissy Eichmann

Daniel (ʼ88) and Kay Eramo

Anthony (ʼ94, ʼ08) and Venus Esposito

Melissa Everhardt (ʼ09)

Cynthia (ʼ10) and Daniel Farrell

Rebecca (ʼ04) and Jeremy Fenstermaker

Robert Fiegl (ʼ93)

Harry Foden (ʼ54, MC)

David (ʼ97) and Wanda Forbes

David (ʼ11, ʼ15) and Lisa Ford

Dixie Fradel (ʼ82)

Bruce (ʼ89) and Maria Frallic

Gerald (ʼ87) and Surirat Frazier

Brittnee Freeman (ʼ14)

Jane (ʼ12) and Mark Fugler

Brian Fuller (ʼ94, ʼ12)

Joseph (ʼ14) and Katrina (ʼ08, DB) Gagner

Jason Glenn (ʼ11)

Jeffrey Gooch (ʼ09)

Joseph Gottinger (ʼ08)

Mark (ʼ81) and Carla Grablin

Fred Grant (ʼ05)

William (ʼ96, ʼ97) and Sandra Greenlee

Gary (ʼ83) and Mary Grimes

Robert (ʼ87) and Henri Hale

John (ʼ10) and Victoria Hanlon

Herman (ʼ90, ʼ91) and Tammy Hardebeck

Diana (ʼ87, ʼ94) and Gregory Harris

Joanna Hartley (ʼ04, ʼ07)

Elaine Hedges (ʼ15)

John (ʼ81, ʼ86) and Linda Hedly

Anthony (ʼ15) and Rowena (ʼ15, DB) Hemingway

David Hepp (ʼ06)

Jennifer Hinebaugh (ʼ02) and Michael Mulrooney

Ayako Hisato (ʼ11)

Samuel (ʼ05) and Lyn Holley

Gregory (ʼ09) and Charlene Holman

Timothy (ʼ99, ʼ01, ʼ04, ʼ06) and Karen Holt

William (ʼ95) and Engrid Hooper

Jennifer Huerta (ʼ12)

Carrie (ʼ10, ʼ14) and John (ʼ98, DB) Hughbanks

Dave Hunt (ʼ97, ʼ98, ʼ15)

Elizabeth Ann (ʼ06) and Daniel Indomenico

Audrey Iriberri (ʼ12)

David Ison (ʼ03) and Angela Haffie

Clarence Jacobs (ʼ07, ʼ08, ʼ14)

Charles (ʼ93) and Susan James

Darren (ʼ03) and Melissa James

David (ʼ00) and Gaye James

Raymond (ʼ91) and Cari Jancso

Thomas (ʼ88) and Eileen Jaszewski

Mahendra (ʼ96) and April Jatindranath

Meredi (ʼ15) and James Jiloty

John Jones (ʼ08)

Jeffrey Jorgensen (ʼ94)

Patricia Kabus (ʼ09)

Frank (ʼ65, MC) and Leona Kallay

John (ʼ97) and Paula Kane

Michael Karageanis (ʼ96)

David Karjala (ʼ99, ʼ00)

Farrah Kaufman (ʼ00, ʼ03)

George (ʼ01) and Deborah Kayser

William (ʼ60, MC) and Rose Kerr

Theodore (ʼ79, ʼ13) and Pamela Key

James (ʼ60, MC) and Peggy King

Valerie (ʼ10) and Jared (ʼ10) Kisseloff

Jonathan (ʼ89) and Patricia Klaaren

Stefan Kleinke (ʼ10)

Michael (ʼ84) and Rosemarie Klustner

Barbara Krajnik (ʼ07)

Howard Krangle (ʼ10)

Carol Lamattina (ʼ86, ʼ99)

Suzanne (ʼ92) and Richard (ʼ84, DB) Lang

Ryan Langlois (ʼ15, ʼ16)

Martin (ʼ06) and Gina Lauth

John (ʼ07) and Mary Lawrence

Billy (ʼ05) and Laura Lee

Darrell (ʼ08) and Stephanie Lee

Terry Lesak (ʼ97, ʼ12)

Wade (ʼ01) and Debbi Lester

Tige (ʼ04, ʼ11) and Marisa Lewis

Jennifer Liddle (ʼ11)

Olivia (ʼ00) and Maurice Lloyd

Lascelles Longmore (ʼ91)

David Louis (ʼ08, ʼ10)

Joan Louis-Herelle (ʼ96) and Vincent Herelle

David Lowe (ʼ07)

James (ʼ81) and Madelyn Lynch

Michael Madlener (ʼ99, ʼ00, ʼ01, ʼ04)

John (ʼ83) and Suszann Magner

James Malis (ʼ82; ʼ97, ʼ12, DB)

Kenric (ʼ92) and Shannon Malmberg

Sylvia Manor (ʼ85)

Kathy (ʼ09, ʼ12, ʼ14) and Scott (ʼ09, ʼ12, ʼ14) Markwith

Scott (ʼ88) and Debbie Marrone

Grady (ʼ84) and Laurinda Massey

Malcolm Massung (ʼ78)

Julie (ʼ05) and Gary Mateu

Kennith Matthews (ʼ00)

Theresa (ʼ05) and Edward Maue

Joseph (ʼ94) and Regina McBrearty

Dariel (ʼ88, ʼ90) and Jayme McCourt

Gretchen (ʼ86, ʼ88) and Jeff McDonell

Howard (ʼ85) and Joan McGlauflin

Russell McKnire (ʼ09)

Bobby (ʼ05) and Evelyn McMasters

Sonya McMullen (ʼ00)

Martin (ʼ89, ʼ01) and Patricia Melton

Christopher Merrick (ʼ13)

Garret (ʼ06) and Stephanie Messner

Randell (ʼ89) and Barbara Meyer

James (ʼ05) and Sunny Mihalick

Winfred (ʼ91, ʼ92) and Celia Mihill

Jack (ʼ75) and Sylvia Milavic

Mark (ʼ97) and Vicki Miller

Ralph Miller (ʼ04)

Francis Mitchell (ʼ01)

Terence (ʼ93) and Kim Miyauchi

Richard (ʼ62, MC) and Marilyn Mlynarek

Alex Moen (ʼ14)

Isaac Moore (ʼ92, ʼ96)

James (ʼ75) and Jane Morrical

Corvin (ʼ95) and Barbara Morton

Leslie Moseley (ʼ86) and Annette Hinchcliffe-Moseley

John Newsome (ʼ99)

Nicole Nguyen Bier (ʼ10) and Joel Bier

Sarah Nilsson (ʼ02, ʼ03, ʼ06)

Lisa Nuxol-Wilson (ʼ05) and Matthew Wilson

James (ʼ83, ʼ86) and Veronica OʼBrien

Carla Pinto (ʼ04, ʼ10, ʼ15)

Patricia (ʼ98, ʼ99) and Robert (ʼ98) Olson

Charles (ʼ08, ʼ12) and Irene Olvis

Sara (ʼ15) and Cary (ʼ14) Ombres

Adam Pastor (ʼ13)

Bradley (ʼ87) and Mary Jayne Pederson

Brent (ʼ04) and Stacey Perkins

Danielle (ʼ05) and Ross Perry

Daniel (ʼ94) and Debra Peterson

William (ʼ96) and Lynda Pfau

Patrick (ʼ72) and Susan Phelan

Linsley Pietsch (ʼ10)

Michelle (ʼ10; ʼ12, DB) and Derek (ʼ09, DB) Pizzo

Stanley (ʼ00) and Kerri Pleban

Brian Proctor (ʼ05)

Thomas (ʼ98, ʼ09) and Megan Puzzo

Nickolus (ʼ84) and Sylvia Rasch

Robert (ʼ94) and Pamela Ratcliffe

Randall (ʼ83, ʼ90, ʼ00) and Laura Rehbach

Robert Reiter (ʼ95) and Maria Lamagna Reiter

Michael (ʼ90, ʼ92) and Catherine Rembert

Dennis (ʼ95) and Carol Riddle

Donna Roberts (ʼ10)

Earlene Roemer (ʼ90)

Lawrence (ʼ61, MC) and Susan Russell

Michael Ryssemus (ʼ99)

Joey (ʼ09) and Claudia Sanders

Barry (HonDoc ʼ89; ʼ94) and Dorie Schiff

Brian (ʼ93) and Lynn Schiff

John Schmit (ʼ96)

James (ʼ00) and Anna Schreiner

James (ʼ04) and Marian Schultz

John (ʼ91) and Kelly Scilingo

Hubert (ʼ89) and Helen Seymour

Conrad (ʼ62, MC) and Marcia Shad

Menachem (ʼ63, MC) and Rhoda Shiff

Vaughn (ʼ98, ʼ06) and Elisa Shirley

Yvonne Simms (ʼ12)

Jerry Simpson (ʼ95)

Alana (ʼ03, ʼ08, ʼ14) and William Sims

Kelvin Sizemore (ʼ96)

Collin Smith (ʼ04)

Noel (ʼ78) and Aundrea Smith

Richard (ʼ89, ʼ92) and Kelley Smith

Janice (ʼ98) and Cyrus Snyder

Robin Sobotta (ʼ84) and Thomas Roush (ʼ06, ʼ08)

Richard (ʼ98) and Noelle Sosa

Richard Spaulding (ʼ95)

Brent (ʼ83) and Cheryl Spencer

Jeffrey Stachura (ʼ97)

Bernard Stadler (ʼ00)

Ernie Stephens (ʼ99, ʼ05)

Gerald Stephens (ʼ09)

Michael Stewart (ʼ99)

Ricky (ʼ96) and Jennifer Strickland

William (ʼ53, MC) and Yula Swafford

Russell (ʼ85) and Shirley Sypolt

Kimberly Szathmary (ʼ96)

Allan Teets (ʼ03)

Robert (ʼ05) and Prakob Terhardt

David Thirtyacre (ʼ02)

Jack (ʼ05) and Mary Thompson

Jeffrey (ʼ04) and Susan Tomei

Faith Torres (ʼ12)

George (ʼ89) and Deanna Tucker

Gary Vessell (ʼ13)

Carlos Villa (ʼ09, ʼ10)

Mark Vinyard (ʼ98)

Christine Visco (ʼ96)

Larry (ʼ96) and Cynthia Voliva

Edward Walford (ʼ85)

Robert Walton (ʼ08)

Robert (ʼ92) and Martha Ware

Eric (ʼ05, ʼ06) and Mei Watkins

William (ʼ98) and Julie Weakley

Linda (ʼ83, ʼ93, ʼ04) and Steve Weiland

Lenell White (ʼ13)

Judy Wilks (ʼ13)

Ben Williams (ʼ01)

Jason (ʼ15) and Cindy Williams

John (ʼ02, ʼ09) and Gloria (ʼ95) Wilson

Robley (ʼ01) and Sue Withrow¹

Sherri Wood (ʼ14)

John (ʼ95) and Catherine Wright

Rudy (ʼ62, MC) and E. Jean Yontz

Wayne (ʼ61, ʼ62, MC) and Mary Young

William (ʼ93) and Linda Young

Stephen (ʼ91) and Joanne Zemanek