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Embry-Riddle's First Two Parents' Fund Scholars

Portraits of Embry-Riddle students Melanie Chatham and Samantha DeMarcoEmbry-Riddle's first two recipients of the Parents' Fund Scholarship, Melanie Chatham (top) and Samantha DeMarco, credit the scholarship for allowing them to complete their studies. Both would like to thank all the Embry-Riddle parents whose generosity made the achievement of their dreams possible.

Parents' Fund Scholarship Keeps Students' Dreams Alive

Embry-Riddle students Melanie Chatham and Samantha DeMarco know better than most what it means to be part of the Embry-Riddle family. Faced with education costs that nearly derailed their dreams, both students got help when they needed it most from Embry-Riddle's Parents' Fund Scholarship.

Both Chatham and DeMarco faced financial hardships that threatened to end their studies at Embry-Riddle. And both worked multiple jobs to cover their costs, but still nearly fell short. Fortunately for them, the Parents' Fund Scholarship came along in the nick of time.

Made possible by the parents of Embry-Riddle students, the Parents' Fund Scholarship helps students from other families rise above their financial circumstances so that they may achieve their educational and professional dreams. And after two years of building this scholarship through parent contributions, the Parents' Fund was able to distribute its first scholarships to Chatham and DeMarco.

"I was very lucky that I did not have to leave," said Chatham, a Prescott Aerospace Engineering alumna. "It was an option, and I had considered it."

For DeMarco, a Space Physics student from the Daytona Beach campus, receiving the scholarship meant that she didn't have to say no to the many unique learning opportunities available at Riddle-opportunities like the Semester at Sea and Study Abroad programs. On hearing about her scholarship, she said, "I was jumping up and down when I was talking with the lady... It's cool to see people care enough and that there's support here at Riddle. We are all one big family!"

Thanks to the Parents' Fund Scholarship, two members of the Embry-Riddle family are achieving their dreams. Chatham hopes someday to design spacecraft and DeMarco loves her choice to come to Riddle.

"I could have really gone anywhere for physics," said DeMarco, "but I'm really glad I came here. Our department has a five to one faculty/student ratio, and I'm really good friends with all of my professors. I love Embry-Riddle!"

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