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This participation list for the 2018 Faculty and Staff Campaign was last updated on 5/31/2018.

100% Participation

Daytona Beach Aerospace Engineering 100%
Daytona Beach Athletics 100%
Daytona Beach Campus Community Outreach and Summer Programs 100%
Daytona Beach Career Services 100%
Daytona Beach Dean of Students Office 100%
Daytona Beach Student Employment 100%
Daytona Beach Veterans Student Services 100%
Prescott Bursar 100%
Prescott Health Services 100%
Prescott Human Resources 100%
Prescott Information Technology 100%
Worldwide Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence 100%
Worldwide Human Resources 100%
University Budget 100%
University Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement 100%

50% and Above

Daytona Beach Center for Teaching and Learning
Daytona Beach Civil Engineering
Daytona Beach College of Business
Daytona Beach College of Engineering
Daytona Beach Counseling Services
Daytona Beach Disability Support Services
Daytona Beach Electrical, Computer, Software and Systems Eng.
Daytona Beach Enrollment Management
Daytona Beach Financial Aid
Daytona Beach First Year Programs
Daytona Beach Human Resources
Daytona Beach International Recruitment
Daytona Beach Printing Services
Daytona Beach Security Studies and International Affairs
Daytona Beach Student Engagement and Student Union
Daytona Beach Undergraduate Research and IGNITE
Daytona Beach Veterans Student Services
Digital Strategy
Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance
Hazy Library
Hunt Library
Institutional Research
Office of Academic Assessment and Accreditation
Prescott Accounting
Prescott Admissions and Recruitment
Prescott Athletics
Prescott Career Center
Prescott Chancellor’s Office
Prescott Chief Academic Officer’s Office
Prescott Dean of Students
Prescott Health Services
Prescott Housing
Prescott Student Activities
President’s Office
Procurement Services
University Corporate Communications
University Human Resources
University Leadership Institute
University Legal Department
University Marketing and Enrollment Management
Worldwide Admissions
Worldwide Department of Organizational Leadership
Worldwide Enrollment Management
Worldwide Fort Worth, TX
Worldwide Whidbey Island, WA

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