Meet the Division of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement

Our Mission

Establish a culture of philanthropy, rooted in lifelong engagements with alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations, that supports ERAU's advancement and aligns with the goals of our Strategic Plan.

Marc Archambault photo

Marc Archambault

Senior Vice President of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement
Email | 386-226-7770

Judy Haydt photo

Judy Haydt

Manager of Special Initiatives
Email | 386-226-7372

Stephanie Kenyon photo

Stephanie Kenyon

Executive Director of Philanthropy, Presidential and Special Initiatives
Email | 386-481-9062

Paula Kropp photo

Paula Kropp

Director, Prospect Research
Email | 386-323-8953

Jo Wagenschnur photo

Jo Wagenschnur

Division Administrator
Email | 386-226-6688


Chris Lambert photo

Chris Lambert

Senior Executive Director of Philanthropy
Email | 386-323-8827

Steve Bobinsky photo

Steve Bobinsky

Executive Director of Philanthropy, Prescott Campus
Email | 928-777-4210

Jeremy Clifford photo

Jeremy Clifford

Senior Director of Philanthropy, Engineering
Email | 386-481-9063

Liz Darkins photo

Liz Darkins

Administrative Assistant, Prescott Campus
Email | 928-777-4201

Donald Hale photo

Donald Hale

Executive Director of Philanthropy, Daytona Beach and Worldwide Campus
Email | 928-777-4201

Jodie Harmon photo

Jodie Harmon

Assistant Manager, Team Support
Email | 386-323-8698

Cassie Redmyer photo

Cassie Redmyer

Director of Philanthropy, Aviation
Email | 386-481-9061

AJ Reynolds photo

AJ Reynolds

Director of Philanthropy, Prescott Campus
Email | 928-777-4216

Mary Lynn Ulch photo

Mary Lynn Ulch

Director of Philanthropy, Business
Email | 386-226-7176

Matt Wilson photo

Matt Wilson

Senior Director of Philanthropy, Athletics
Email | 386-226-7205

Alumni Engagement

Bill Thompson photo

Bill Thompson ('87)

Executive Director of Alumni Engagement
Email | 386-226-7457

Marie Clifford photo

Marie Clifford

Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
Email | 386-226-6803

Michelle Day photo

Michelle Day ('91)

Director, Alumni Engagement
Email | 928-777-6961

Keith Deaton photo

Keith Deaton ('05, '12, '16)

Director, Alumni Engagement
Email | 386-226-6159

Edmund Odartey photo

Edmund Odartey ('04, '10)

Senior Director, Alumni Engagement
Email | 386-226-6155

Donor Engagement

Laurel Hayward photo

Laurel Hayward

Senior Director, Donor Engagement
Email | 386-226-7568

Jen Lesshafft photo

Jen Lesshafft ('18)

Associate Director, Donor Engagement
Email | 386-226-6138

Annual Giving

Yoon Van Hout photo

Yoon Van Hout ('18)

Director, Annual Giving
Email | 386-226-7223

Ciara Ocasio photo

Ciara Ocasio

Coordinator, Annual Giving
Email | 386-226-6686


Bill Thompson photo

Tony Brown

Executive Director of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Communications
Email | 386-323-5071

Melanie Azam photo

Melanie Stawicki Azam

Assistant Director, Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Communications
Email | 386-323-5092

Alan Cesar photo

Alan Marcos Pinto Cesar

Assistant Director, Digital Engagement and Philanthropy
Email | 386-226-6189

Sara Withrow photo

Sara Withrow

Director, Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Communications
Email | 386-226-6153

Data Services

John Neff photo

John Neff

Executive Director of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Data Services
Email | 386-226-6402

Margaret Cruz photo

Margaret Cruz

Database Specialist
Email | 386-226-6201

Mike Freudeman photo

Mike Freudeman

Assistant Director, Data Solutions
Email | 386-481-9056

Sabrina Kelbert photo

Sabrina Kelbert

Director, Gifts and Data Administration
Email | 386-226-7181

Dominic Lombardi photo

Dominic Lombardi

Senior Director, Data Solutions
Email | 386-481-9057

Theresa Nolte photo

Theresa Nolte

Manager, Constituent Data
Email | 386-323-5084