Riddle Society Members

 John Paul Riddle

The Riddle Society recognizes donors whose personal lifetime contributions to the university total at least $500,000.

This list reflects cumulative lifetime and planned gifts to the university as of June 30, 2020. Individuals marked with an asterisk are deceased.


Corporations and Foundations

Air Force Association

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

Analytical Graphics

Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation

Constellation Productions

Cove Partners

Daytona Beach Campus Student Government Association

Daytona Beach Racing & Recreational Facilities District

Frasca International

Microsoft Corporation

O’Maley Family Foundation

Robertson Research Group

Rockwell Collins

Gen. William W. Spruance Foundation

State of Florida


Alumni and Friends

Matthew Andersson (’78)

Estate of Farshad K. Babazadeh

James* and Essie Barfield*

Theodore (’82, ’89) and Muriel Beneigh

J. Powell and Nancy Brown

Robert* and Jennifer Crouch

Gary (HonDoc ’69)* and Else Cunningham

Tine (HonDoc ’69)* and Eunice* Davis

Andrew Deas (’60)*

Derek Di Masi

Charles and Elizabeth Duva

David Gordon (’80, ’81)

Estate of William Haas

Jim (HonDoc ’13) and Carole Henderson

Constance Hunter*

Edward (HonDoc ’90)* and Carolyn King

James Kolbe

Jim and Linda Lee

Deborah Lee Prescott

Nevin Remaley

Jon (’81) and Tracy Slangerup

Richard and Phoebe* Snyder

William (HonDoc ’87)* and Eunice* Spruance

Edward (HonDoc ’74)* and Dorothy* Stimpson

Raymond Stratton (’78)

John and Lynne Thelan

Lane and Christine Wipff