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When you support the College of Art & Sciences (COAS), you are investing in the success of every student on campus—and strengthening the university as a whole. At COAS our students harness the mental, physical, and spiritual elements necessary to succeed in all areas of life, from professional to personal and beyond.

But that's not all. Our wide range of programs creates many opportunities to make a difference in the signature areas of aviation safety science, environmental science, wildlife science, astronomy and global business—to name a few.

With your generous investments across the key areas listed below, you will help our students reach their potential and soar to new heights, while contributing to the overall safety and productivity of the aerospace industry.



Our Priorities

Help our students reach their full potential:

Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence

Contributing to the College of Arts & Sciences Fund for Excellence provides resources for the College's greatest needs, including but not limited to faculty development, curriculum innovation, student enrichment and capital equipment purchases.

Arts & Sciences Endowment

Your support for the Arts & Sciences endowment helps secure the future of the college by providing resources to support its activities for generations to come.

Graduate Safety Science Program

Your gift provides critical support for our signature Master's program in Safety Science, giving students the knowledge and skills necessary to make the aviation world a safer place.