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The Embry-Riddle Worldwide College of Business has one mission: to help busy working professionals, active-duty military and veterans, and students with families acquire the real knowledge and information they'll need to succeed in their chosen business careers.

When you support our College, you are investing in the present and future of our aviation and aerospace industries. Your gifts contribute to the ability of our global workforce to adapt, succeed and advance in this trillion-dollar industry.



Our Priorities

Impact Tomorrow and Beyond

College of Business Fund for Excellence

Contributing to the College of Business Fund for Excellence provides resources for the College's greatest needs, including but not limited to project supplies, equipment, and general program support

Worldwide Campus Patrons' Fund

This scholarship fund provides resources for high-performing students who demonstrate financial need.

Worldwide Campus Chancellor's Fund

Contributing to the Worldwide Campus Chancellor's Fund gives the chancellor discretion to use his intimate knowledge of the college's operations to direct funds where they are needed most.