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When you contribute to Embry-Riddle's College of Business, Security and Intelligence, you are investing in the future security and prosperity of our country and its interests. With your support, the College—as the nation’s first and only of its kind in the United States — will create future generations of business, security, intelligence and law enforcement leaders who will help define, craft, enforce and defend laws and policies designed to protect our freedoms and ensure liberty and justice for all.



Our Priorities

Invest in the future security and safety of our nation and its allies:

CBSI Scholarship Fund

Currently, Embry-Riddle has few scholarships dedicated specifically to the business, security and intelligence programs—and that must change. By providing prestigious, substantial scholarships and fellowships in our signature programs, we will attract the best and brightest and ensure a brighter future for the security of our nation.

CBSI Faculty Support

With its goal to be a leading provider of future business, security and intelligence professionals, CBSI must continue to recruit and hire leading faculty to meet the changing educational, training and research needs facing our nation and our allies. Your support for professorships, chairs, or general faculty support will help us recruit the best professors and researchers for our classrooms and labs.

CBSI Research and Training Centers

As challenges to our nation’s safety and security continuously evolve, we must respond by developing and implementing innovative and proactive strategies and tactics to combat the ever-present threats to our nation’s welfare. CBSI is the “strategic center” of Embry-Riddle's commitment to this challenge.

CBSI seeks to establish centers of excellence in key focus areas that will not only train future business, security and intelligence professionals, but also create new knowledge through innovative research that we can apply to real-world global business, security and intelligence challenges.

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