How Industry Partnerships Advance Student Success

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At Embry-Riddle, we share a passion for aviation and aerospace, which we consider the world’s most exciting work. Driven by our ongoing commitment to teaching, research and service, we are dedicated to becoming a global source for innovation and excellence in aerospace education and applied research.

To help us accomplish this mission, we are asking our alumni and friends to support the critical priorities below. With your support, we will create new knowledge and transform the industries we serve.



Key Partners

The Future for Aerospace Innovation and Discovery Begins Here

STEM Education Center (Prescott Campus)

At Embry-Riddle we believe that the key to future economic prosperity lies in our ability to provide students with the STEM-centered know-how, technology and hands-on experience to translate information, ideas and skills into tools for solving the industry's biggest challenges.

The STEM Education Center is a critical step in our efforts to promote STEM-based careers and educational and research opportunities to the next generation of aviation and aerospace professionals.

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Student Center (Daytona Beach Campus)

A Student Union is at the heart of any engaging student life program. Embry-Riddle has completed the expansive, multi-story Mori Hosseini Student Union that redefines the student experience at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus.

With this investment, our students get the very best in student life opportunities. They will acquire skills and interact with others from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to develop a strong sense of responsibility and citizenship to become future leaders.

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John Mica Engineering and Aerospace Innovation Complex (Daytona Beach Campus)

Featuring state-of-the-art engineering labs, a business incubator and flexible lease space for corporate and industry partnerships, the John Mica Engineering and Aerospace Innovation Complex or "MicaPlex" serves as a hub for engineering innovation, cutting-edge research and economic development for the university, the state and beyond.

Your support to name a featured space in this facility will foster unique opportunities for the university's leading faculty and best young engineers to create and employ new knowledge while developing commercially viable solutions to key industry challenges.

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University Endowment

Establishing an endowment or contributing to the university's general endowment is one of the most powerful and lasting investments you can make to ensure that the university remains the world leader in aviation and aerospace education for generations to come.

Because the principal of an endowment is never spent, it is truly "a promise without end," providing resources for the advancement of students, faculty, programs and facilities in perpetuity.

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