Memorial gifts allow you to honor the life of a loved one or celebrate the legacy of someone who holds an importance place in your life. Memorial scholarship funds, when endowed, ensure that the name of the honored will live on in perpetuity at Embry-Riddle.

Embry-Riddle would like to thank all donors who have established the following permanent endowed memorial scholarship funds to support students:

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Endowed Memorial Funds

Alexander Bello-Ortiz Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Alice P. Sparrow Endowed Scholarship for Women of Excellence

Andreas Hayato Wiedemann Memorial Endowed Scholarship for International Students at Embry-Riddle Prescott Campus

Anthony DuJardin Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Arthur F. Tweedie Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Ashley Guindon Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Austin Harney Memorial Basketball Scholarship Fund

Benjamin T. Hall Scholarship Fund

Berlin Airlift Veterans Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Bill Cody Scholarship Endowment

Bob and Barbara McCord Endowed Scholarship

Bob Knuth Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Flight

Cale M. Kastanek Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship Fund

Capt. Joseph J. Zuffoletto Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Captain Jahmar Resilard Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Carlos Alejandro Bellagamba Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Charles C. Concannon Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Charles R. Lejambre Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Costas Sivyllis Endowed Memorial Flight Training Scholarship

Crosby Army ROTC Endowed Scholarship Fund

David J. Gonnion Memorial Scholarship Fund

David M. Charlebois Endowed Memorial Fund

Donald Topolinski Memorial Scholarship

Douglas Alan Eshleman Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Hyman L. Bloom Memorial Phi Kappa Phi Endowed Scholarship for Women

Dr. Norval F. Pohl Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Shiv Aggarwal Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Tom Connolly Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Eilon Krugman-Kadi Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Elizabeth (Lisa) W. Cresenzo Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Fred E. Weick Endowed Scholarship

Fred Mirgle Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Gary Eugene Savoie Endowed Scholarship Fund

Gary F. Fournier Memorial Scholarship in Air Traffic Management

George A. Ruck Memorial Scholarship

Gianni Manganelli Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Gregory Muff Memorial Scholarship in Space Physics Endowed Fund

H. Holcombe Perry, Jr. Women's Basketball Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Haas Chapel Prayer Garden Fund

Howard Walls Jr. Track & Field Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Jack Hunt Aviator Scholarship Endowment

Jack Wong Memorial Endowed Fund

James H. Bastian Endowed Scholarship

James Holahan Aviation Communication Endowment

Jesse C. King, Jr. Space Physics and Astronomy Endowment Scholarship

Joey Max Hanley Endowed Memorial Scholarship

John A. Fidel Aviation Scholarship Endowment

John G. and Isabel S. McKay Endowed Scholarship

Kal Seshadri Purushotham Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Kate Schwikert-Waidmann Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Kenneth J. and Shirley Sliwa Memorial Endowed Fund

Krystal Koch Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Kyle R. Vredenburgh Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Laurence A. Myers Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lawrence E. Nix Presidential Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

Linda Lu Notarpole Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Linda M. Geiger Memorial Athletic Endowed Scholarship

Lisa Wagner Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Louis V. and Dava Z. Hoffman Aerospace Engineering Scholarship Endowment

Maj. Andrew C. Becker, USAF, AFROTC Det 028 Leadership and Service Endowed Scholarship

Major Charles A. Neyhart No. 5 BFTS Memorial Scholarship

Mark E. Lemmer Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Merton M. Minter, Jr. Memorial Lecture Series

Nackard Family Endowed Scholarship

Nicolai Endowed Scholarship Fund at the Prescott Campus

Pat Magie Endowed Scholarship

Patrick B. Owens Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Paul Benwood Hunter Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Paul E. Richter, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowed Fund

Philip Dalton (Flip) Smith Endowed Scholarship

R. Dixon Speas Endowed Scholarship

R. Gagne/S. Budesheim Memorial Endowment

Ralph H. Spence Endowed Scholarship

Randall J. Lynch Memorial for Excellence and Sustainability Endowment

Richard H. Merlin Endowed Scholarship

Robert E. Machol Endowed Scholarship

Robert John Kleros Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Robert W. Baker Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert W. Ridder Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Sean M. Brooks Endowed Scholarship

Shannon Smith Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Aviation

Shrinivas Dalal Memorial Endowed Scholarship-Daytona Beach

Sicotte Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund

Sigma Chi Kappa Phi Symons-Tomai Endowed Memorial Scholarship Prescott

Spirit Airlines Charitable Foundation Endowment in Memory of Denise Masella

Sweginnis-Corradi Memorial Scholarships

Taylor Brennan Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Charlene Williams Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Constance D. Hunter Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Elizabeth Lee Morrison Memorial Scholarship for Flight

The Louis H. Craig and Randolph M. Bailly Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Timothy P. Forte Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Titus Scholarship

Tom Davis/Piedmont Airlines Presidential Endowed Scholarship

William B. Masson Endowed Scholarship

Zachary Capra Endowed Memorial Aviation Scholarship

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