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There are many types of assets that you can give to realize your charitable goals while supporting Embry-Riddle's mission:


Outright gifts made via cash, check, credit card, or other means are the simplest way to make an immediate impact.


Gifts of stocks or mutual fund shares that have increased in value can have an immediate impact on your favorite Embry-Riddle program—and also create an immediate income tax deduction for you based on the current value of the asset.

To make a stock gift via electronic transfer, please contact us or contact our broker:

Mark Randall, CFA, CIMA, CAIA
Vice President—Senior Investment Manager

Global Institutional Consulting
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
7501 Wisconsin Avenue Suite W600
Bethesda, MD 20814

Phone: 202-893-5280
Fax: 301-710-5075


A gift of physical assets, such as collections, equipment, books, software and other personal or corporate property can often help advance the University's mission. To inquire or find out more about making a gift-in-kind, contact us or call 800-362-9285.

Real Estate

A gift of real estate (such as your home, vacation property, vacant land, farmland, ranch or commercial property) or other marketable items of personal property can make a great gift. If you own appreciated real property, you can avoid paying capital gains tax by making a gift to Embry-Riddle.

Retirement Assets

A gift of your retirement assets, such as a gift from your IRA, 401k, 403b, pension or other tax deferred plan, is an excellent way to receive tax benefits while making a difference at Embry-Riddle.

Need More Info?

Contact us about your situation and charitable giving goals, or call us at (800) 362-9285.