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We know the people closest to your heart are the ones in your college. Whether it's a beloved professor, the department that got you where you are today or the college that best represents your career today, you can easily find and support your favorite college from the list below. 

Orville Wright on Embry-Riddle statue.

Daytona Beach

Whether students are on their way to a career on the Space Coast or headed to the airlines, we've got a multitude of ways to support their greatest needs. As our programs have grown, so has our support, including Aerospace Physiology, Human Factors, the Business of Flight, Aviation Maintenance, Aerospace Engineering and so much more. Choose a college below to find selected funds that will make the most impact on students in your college.

College of Arts & Sciences

College of Aviation

College of Engineering

David B. O'Maley College of Business

Observatory in Prescott


Maybe you came to study at the crash lab or the observatory. Or you joined the champion Golden Eagles Flight Team. Whatever your passion, the colleges at our Prescott Campus are charging ahead in rocket development, astronomy, cybersecurity and flight, among many other areas. Explore the links below to learn about ways to best support the college.

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Aviation

College of Business, Security and Intelligence

College of Engineering


San Diego graduation on a ship


From anywhere in the world, you can get a stellar degree while on active duty, while rising to the C-Suite and handling all of life's challenges. We're growing our fundraising efforts to make sure we're supporting our mid-career students and those who seek that added flexibility while on the job. Browse the links below to see ways you can help.

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Aviation

College of Business