Impact: Space

Two students wearing clean room suits work on satellite in lab.

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Our students don't wait to start their careers.
They are sending payloads into space. Right now. Before they even graduate.

Take EagleCam for example, which will take the first third-person view of a spacecraft landing on the moon. Or the LLAMAS project, which will take images of the first commercial spacewalk on the Polaris Dawn mission.

Our graduates are changing the landscape of space. They’ve launched Artemis, the next great lunar and deep space mission. Tested the James Webb Space Telescope. They’re planning the future of space tourism and plotting paths away from space junk.

Embry-Riddle has the first Space Operations program and the first and only undergraduate Space Physics program in the nation. Nine alumni are current or retired astronauts for NASA or with civilian ventures. Alumni are at the forefront of leading and growing commercial space companies.

Alumnus Jared Isaacman and Polaris Dawn crew visit laboratory.

To make these leaps in human exploration of deep space, our students need your support — so that they can take part in those extra student projects and internships that land them into careers that are fixed firmly on advancing our future.

We need your help to fund student experiments and research so they can contribute to the space industry today.

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