Five female students standing close together at Embry-Riddle's Daytona Beach campus.

Women’s Giving Circle

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Our Mission is to create a permanent legacy to address the financial needs of female students and provide young women with role models and mentors who can pave the way to success in the fields of aerospace, aviation, and beyond.

The Embry‑Riddle Women's Giving Circle brings together accomplished women in the fields of aviation, aerospace and beyond, who demonstrate their leadership through their endeavors and their philanthropy. Together, we can help Embry‑Riddle female students succeed in their careers.


Women’s Giving Circle membership is open to Embry‑Riddle alumni and friends of the university.


Membership is $1,200 a year with a total three-year commitment of $3,600, which can be paid monthly or annually over that period.

Member contributions are pooled together to provide scholarship support to Embry‑Riddle’s female students. Contributions fund the Women’s Giving Circle endowment, which provides need-based scholarships that directly impact academic opportunity, retention, and industry representation for female students.


Members have the unique opportunity to mentor current Embry‑Riddle female students through the Women’s Giving Circle mentorship program. This directly impacts the next generation of female leaders in aerospace, aviation, and beyond. We host in-person and virtual networking events for students and members throughout each year.

Other Ways to Participate

Corporate Membership

Corporations are invited to support and participate in Embry‑Riddle's Women's Giving Circle. By making a gift toward the endowment, you are contributing to a permanent legacy for female scholarship support. Corporations can also sponsor memberships for female staff members to serve as mentors in the Women's Giving Circle mentoring program.

Supplemental or One-Time Gifts

Members and non-members may also choose to make gifts directly to our endowed scholarship fund. These supplemental gifts can easily be made through our giving form.

If you are already a member, you can make your pledge payment through our giving form.


To find out more about how you can affect the future of young women’s education in aviation and aerospace, please contact us.

Katie Hancock
Director of Philanthropy, Giving Circles

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