Support the Next Generation of Embry-Riddle Pilots. Join the Embry-Riddle Flight Society today!

Student pilot and instructor pilot stand side by side and review clipboard

You can be a part of the solution to the pilot shortage. Industry consultant Oliver Wyman projects a global gap of 34,000 pilots by 2025. Fortunately, for those of us who care about aviation, there is something we can do: Invest in the next generation of pilots who will carry our industry onward and upward.


To meet this pressing need, the university has established the Embry-Riddle Flight Society to bring together alumni, friends and industry partners to support the growth of the next generation of pilots—through the power of collective giving.  

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Flight Society brings together alumni, friends, and industry experts to support the growth of the next generation of pilots through the power of collective giving. 


Member contributions are pooled together to provide scholarship support to Embry-Riddle’s aviation students. Members have the unique opportunity to mentor students and network with alumni and industry members.  

Become a Member of the Flight Society

Our Mission

To create a permanent legacy to address the financial needs of flight students and provide role models and mentors who can pave the way to success in the aviation fields. 



Flight Society membership is open to Embry-Riddle alumni, friends of the university, and aviation-based corporations.


Member Contributions

Membership is a one, two or three-year commitment of $1,200 a year, which can be paid monthly or annually over that period.

Limited Founding Memberships are available for a commitment of $5,000, which can be paid immediately or over three years.


Scholarship Impact

Membership contributions fund the Flight Society Endowment, which supports: 

  • Flight training scholarships to include CFI/CFII
  • Aviation students with financial need  


Mentorship Opportunities 

Members are invited to serve as mentors to directly impact the next generation of pilots in the aviation industry. 



To find out more about how you can launch the careers of the next generation of pilots, contact Katie Hancock, Director of Philanthropy, Giving Circles.