Alana Pluchos
With 90 hours of flight time under her belt, Aeronautics student Alanah Pluchos is on her way to accomplishing her dream of becoming a pilot. The Embry-Riddle Women's Giving Circle can help women like Alana succeed in the industry.

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The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Women’s Giving Circle brings together accomplished women in the fields of aviation, aerospace and beyond, who demonstrate their leadership through their endeavors and their philanthropy. 

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Recognizing that women are underrepresented in the aerospace and aviation industries, the Embry-Riddle Women’s Giving Circle is creating a permanent legacy, not only to address the financial needs of ERAU’s female students, but also to provide young women with role models and mentors who can pave the way to success and representation in aviation.

How It Works

Women’s Giving Circle members pool their charitable funds to create powerful change in aerospace and aviation education. By giving collectively in this way, members have the opportunity to help direct scholarship support and determine critical industry education needs—an enriching experience for all involved.

Membership is open to all women – ERAU alumni and non-alumni alike – who each give $1,200 annually. Initially, $1,000 of your annual gift will go toward a scholarship fund that will benefit students in the current academic year, while $200 will go toward an endowment fund to ensure that scholarships can be provided to female students for years to come.

As our membership grows, so too does our ability to expand our reach and our impact on the aviation and aerospace community. The more the ERAU Women’s Giving Circle fund grows, the more assistance our scholarship will be able to provide to female students.


Every year, each member’s annual contribution of at least $1,200 goes to the scholarship pool, with $1,000 of your gift benefiting students in the current academic year and $200 set aside to build an endowment fund. From time to time, additional donations are made to the scholarship pool to increase the monies available for scholarships. 


With “one member, one vote,” Women’s Giving Circle members ratify scholarship awardees from worthy student applications submitted through Embry-Riddle’s financial aid office.


Scholarships are awarded each year and presented at the annual Women in Aviation, International Conference. Here, Embry-Riddle students have the unique opportunity to network with female professionals working in careers they hope to pursue upon graduation. 

Other Ways to Join

Legacy Membership

Your one-­time gift of $25,000 or more (payable over five years) provides a lifetime Legacy Membership and perpetual support for Embry-Riddle’s Women’s Giving Circle scholarship fund.

Corporate Associate Membership

Designed for corporations providing services to the aviation and aerospace industries, this non-voting membership level starts at $5,000 annually and provides support to the scholarship endowment fund.

Supplemental or One-Time Gifts

Members and non-members may also choose to make gifts directly to our annual term scholarship or endowed scholarship fund. These supplemental gifts can easily be made through our online giving form.

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Women’s philanthropy through the power of collective giving is a potent force. To find out more about how you can affect the future of young women’s education in aviation and aerospace, please contact us.