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College Philanthropy Councils

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Our Mission is to invest in students and the innovation of student projects.

Philanthropy Councils are engaged at the Daytona Beach, Prescott and Worldwide campuses. In addition to building relationships with student groups and faculty at their respective campuses, council members serve as ambassadors of the university.

Each College Philanthropy Council supports its respective college at one campus, such as the College of Engineering Philanthropy Council at the Daytona Beach Campus. Council members pool their contributions to provide student scholarships and to fund innovative student projects and special initiatives. By giving collectively, council members have a high impact on the students receiving support.

Every year, College Philanthropy Councils meet at their respective campuses to engage with students and view presentations by the top selected student project groups. On this day, council members vote for the winning project and financial support is awarded.

Throughout the year, council members are invited to attend events on campus, correspond with college deans and engage with the Philanthropy team. Although the time commitment is minimal, the overall impact of being a council member is significant.


College Philanthropy Council memberships are open to Embry-Riddle alumni, friends of the university and related industry-based corporations.


Council members commit to serve a term of three consecutive years and contribute $2,000 per year, for a total commitment of $6,000 over the three-year term

Membership contributions support:

  • 50% to student scholarships.
  • 50% to student projects and special initiatives.


One of the most exciting aspects of being a council member is casting your vote for the winning student project. The selected student group will receive 50% of the funding contributed by members.

Scholarships are awarded to students each year from 50% of the funding contributed by council members. Scholarship recipients will engage with council members and provide ongoing updates:

  • Membership of aviation students.
  • Network with alumni and industry members.


For more information about joining a College Philanthropy Council, please contact us.

Lisa Rivey
Director, Philanthropic Organizations
Phone: 386.226.7343

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