Investing in Athletics and Student Life

ERAU soccer goalie makes a save.


When choosing a college or university, young men and women look outside the classroom for various components of a well-rounded student life: great athletics programs, attractive residence halls, extracurricular activities, and fun and interesting things to do on the weekends — on campus.

Students who engage with the university and have balanced lives at Embry-Riddle achieve better grades and are less likely to drop out or transfer to other schools. They are also more likely to leave with positive feelings about their alma mater, reengaging as alumni and giving back to their university over their lifetimes.

Your investment in our athletics and student life programs strengthens our university by fostering a sense of community among the students, faculty and staff at Embry-Riddle. That sense of community you help create gives students the skills to interact with others from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to develop a strong sense of responsibility and citizenship to become future leaders.

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Embry-Riddle's Daytona Beach and Prescott campus Athletics programs set the standard for achievement, both on and off the field. Support these programs today.

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Student Spotlight

Arth Pande reaches his goals with help from a Senior Eagle Scholarship

The son of two teachers in India, Arth Pande has had a passion for flight since childhood, but affording a college education in the United States has been tough.

“I have held seven different jobs during the six semesters I have spent in college,” said the aerospace engineering major. “However, I never let these issues get in my way and worked hard to win two scholarships in my third year of college, along with landing the RA position that covered my living expenses.”

But as Pande neared his May 2015 graduation date, his finances became even tighter. Needing to focus more on academics his senior year, he resigned his RA position and lost his free housing benefit.

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Arth Pande
Arth Pande