Eagles Care Student Emergency Fund

399 donors gave more than $180,000 in support of 220 students - and counting.

While the situation around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is evolving every day, we recognize that our students, in particular, may be struggling to cover unexpected costs related to travel, access to technology, health and wellness and other unbudgeted circumstances and expenses.

In anticipation of those needs, the university has established the Eagles Care Student Emergency Assistance Fund to support them during this and future times of crisis.

Student Spotlight

Michael Henriquez had four classes left this summer to complete his aviation maintenance science degree when the coronavirus pandemic threatened to upend his plans.

“I had planned on attending summer classes, while working full time to pay for tuition,” he said. “My family was also going to assist me with whatever I couldn’t cover in tuition payments.” 

In mid-March, everything fell apart.

The Daytona Beach Campus senior, who recently received the Chairman’s Award from the aviation maintenance science department, found himself struggling to find a job to pay his living expenses and tuition. At the same time, his family took a financial hit, when their restaurant was forced to close, due to the pandemic.

But thanks to the university’s Eagles Care Student Emergency Assistance Fund, some of Henriquez’s financial stress was alleviated. Eagles Care Funds were established at each of Embry-Riddle’s campuses to help students offset unexpected expenses or help pay for tuition or other educational costs during times of crisis.

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Student Michael Henriquez
Michael Henriquez holds trophies he earned at an aviation maintenance competition, before the coronavirus pandemic.

Support from Leadership 

In a strong show of support for our students, all members of the Embry-Riddle Board of Trustees and Core Leaderships Team supported the Eagles Care Emergency Fund.

ERAU President P. Barry Butler
Embry-Riddle President P. Barry Butler
We are grateful to our alumni, trustees, our partners in the aviation industry, foundations, families, faculty and staff who have stepped up to help our students, even when their own situations may be challenging and uncertain. This spirit of generosity makes our Eagles Care Fund possible. We deeply appreciate these gifts, which directly aid students coping with the unexpected stress caused by Covid-19
Embry-Riddle President P. Barry Butler


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