Investing in Facilities and Technology

Embry-Riddle Student Union


Embry-Riddle — like the industry it serves — must constantly evolve and incorporate advances in technology to ensure that students are prepared for dynamic careers after graduation.

Currently, Embry-Riddle is investing hundreds of millions at its three campuses in new facilities, equipment, and technology to expose students to the latest practices and technological systems. Students learn to interact with the same technology they will find at the cutting edge of aviation and aerospace, leaving them ideally prepared to meet the challenges of these ever-evolving industries.

To stay at this cutting edge, we must continuously renew and enhance technology and facilities. By helping Embry-Riddle "stay ahead of the technology curve," you help create learning environments where students are fully equipped to translate information, ideas, and skills into powerful tools for providing real solutions to real-world problems.

The new Mori Hosseini Student Union on Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus serves as the exciting community hub where staff, students, and faculty come together to collaborate, study, relax, and enjoy each other’s company as well as the beautiful surroundings. This iconic building is the student’s home away from home, offering a variety of services related to academics, retail, food service, and entertainment.

To find out more about naming opportunities or investing in research on any of our campuses, contact us by email or call 386-323-8827.

Helping Students Stay Ahead of the Curve

There are many ways to support facilities and technology at Embry-Riddle. For example, you may choose to invest in one of our featured naming opportunities or make a direct impact on one of our colleges by investing in research. Or you may decide to support one of our many technology-enhancement funds and direct your gift to support a specific campus, college, department, or academic program.

Student Spotlight

Arth Pande reaches his goals with help from a Senior Eagle Scholarship

The son of two teachers in India, Arth Pande has had a passion for flight since childhood, but affording a college education in the United States has been tough.

“I have held seven different jobs during the six semesters I have spent in college,” said the aerospace engineering major. “However, I never let these issues get in my way and worked hard to win two scholarships in my third year of college, along with landing the RA position that covered my living expenses.”

But as Pande neared his May 2015 graduation date, his finances became even tighter. Needing to focus more on academics his senior year, he resigned his RA position and lost his free housing benefit.

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Arth Pande
Arth Pande