Students and a faculty member performing an experiment at Embry-Riddle.


When you invest in faculty at Embry-Riddle, you create a constructive circle of ever-increasing quality. Your investment allows us to secure the best faculty, which in turn attracts other great faculty and students — all of whom want to work with thought leaders and make their own mark.

Your gifts also help advance faculty research output, which creates new knowledge and builds the university’s reputation in the fields where we seek prominence.

Establishing endowed chairs and professorships is the most powerful way to permanently strengthen our faculty. The prestige of a named chair, supported by the annual income from an endowment, will enable Embry-Riddle to attract faculty “stars” who bring in significant research support, lead the development of innovative academic programs, and inspire students to pursue their dreams.

To establish an endowed faculty position or find out more, contact us by email or call 386-323-8827.



Giving Levels for Faculty Endowments:

  • Endowed Professorship: $1,000,000 and up
  • Distinguished Endowed Professorship: $1,500,000 and up
  • Endowed Chair: $2,000,000 — $2,500,000 and up
  • Eminent Scholar Chair: $4,000,000 and up