Students and faculty stand in front of a plane.


The future of aviation and aerospace education does not lie with one discipline. At Embry-Riddle, preparing genuine leaders means designing challenging educational programs and conducting research where separate areas of study, skills, and aptitudes are bonded together, under controlled pressure, into new ways of thinking and working.

Making your gift to fund academic and research programming has a broader impact on the University. With additional resources, Embry-Riddle will build greater graduate and research programs that leverage strengths in core disciplines like aeronautical science, space physics, human factors and aerospace engineering.

By developing nationally recognized centers for research in these and other areas, Embry-Riddle will provide real solutions to real-world challenges, attract grant dollars to fuel further discovery, and create more opportunities for students to collaborate with faculty in research projects.

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Programs that Make a Difference

Supporting academic and research programming takes many forms. Your donations can help launch new degree programs, fund an internship, endow a research center, support the scientific activities of a research center director, or help a graduate student complete a critical research project. Support innovative academic and research programs with your gift.