Investing in Students through Scholarships

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When you support students at Embry-Riddle through scholarships and fellowships, you are investing in our "difference makers" and igniting a cycle of transformation: your gifts change lives and those lives, in turn, change the world.

From pilots to astronauts, engineers to innovators, entrepreneurs to military heroes, Embry-Riddle students are shaping the future of our industry all around the globe.

Establishing a scholarship or graduate fellowship provides critical income that the university can offer students, giving them the security of guaranteed multiyear support and a lower debt burden upon graduation. For the aspiring student, that support can make the difference between just having a dream and making it come true.

For those donors interested in supporting our students through private scholarship funding, Embry-Riddle has two types of scholarships: Term Scholarships and Endowed Scholarships.

Minimum Giving Levels for Term and Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Named term scholarship: $3,000
  • Memorial scholarship: $25,000
  • Named scholarship: $50,000
  • Named fellowship: $50,000
  • Presidential scholarship: $100,000

Setting Up a Scholarship

To establish a scholarship or find out more, contact us by email or call 386-323-8827.


Term vs. Endowed Scholarships

When you create a term scholarship with a minimum gift of $3,000, all of your contribution is used for scholarships, either in the year in which the gift is made or over a designated number of years.

For instance, as a donor, you might wish to sponsor a $10,000 scholarship for two students for their last two years at the University. Your gift of $40,000 to Embry-Riddle, which could be made all at one time or in two annual installments of $20,000, would be specifically designated for this purpose.

On the other hand, when you create an endowed scholarship fund, your contribution is set aside in an investment account that is managed by the university or its agent. After a period of approximately 18 months, a portion of the annual interest earned from your principal investment (typically between 4 and 6 percent of the rolling three-year average of the fund balance) is used to support your designated purpose. With an endowment, the principal is never spent, so the fund — and the impact of your gift — can continue in perpetuity.

Student Spotlight

Arth Pande reaches his goals with help from a Senior Eagle Scholarship

The son of two teachers in India, Arth Pande has had a passion for flight since childhood, but affording a college education in the United States has been tough.

“I have held seven different jobs during the six semesters I have spent in college,” said the aerospace engineering major. “However, I never let these issues get in my way and worked hard to win two scholarships in my third year of college, along with landing the RA position that covered my living expenses.”

But as Pande neared his May 2015 graduation date, his finances became even tighter. Needing to focus more on academics his senior year, he resigned his RA position and lost his free housing benefit.

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Arth Pande
Arth Pande